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Coach Mackenzie's Week 4 Plan To Get You Race Ready

Posted by Jeff on

She's back! Fresh from competing at Ironman New Zealand, we continue with Week 4 of Coach Mackenzie's training plan. Timing of her training plan will have you ready to perform your best at Eugene Marathon or any other Marathon or Half. So, with just a few weeks to go, here's week 4 plan!

Week 4 Plan, "Workout Wednesday"

The focus is speed with some mile repeats, faster than race pace in order to get in some hard intervals.

Marathon Distance:

Warm up: 3 miles easy run with 4-5x 100m stride outs
Main set: Run 6-8 x 1 mile dropping 5-15 seconds off each rep, start first mile at Half Marathon pace (1-3 min rest)
Cool Down: 15+ min

Half Marathon Distance:

Warm up: 2 miles easy run
Main set: Run 6 x 1 mile dropping 5-15 seconds off each rep, start first mile at 10k pace (1-3 min rest)
Cool Down: 10+ min

Keep in mind these workouts can be used throughout your training as you prepare for race day. Each week provides a staple running workout that, properly executed and integrated into your training plan, will help you achieve your next PR and goals.

These workouts are given with the expectation that you have been running consistently, have built a solid base and can run up to 12+ miles for the marathon and 8+ miles for half marathon training at a time.

Wearing your PRO Compression Marathon socks for recovery will help you feel better faster and improve your performance over time.

Follow Mackenzie:

Website: http://www.kenzmadison.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kenzmadison/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kenzmadison/

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