7 Useful Holiday Gifts For Runners

When it comes to holiday shopping, sometimes it helps if the person you’re buying a gift for has a hobby. For those who have that runner in the family or friend who’s always signing up for those marathons, there are a bunch of great gifts to give to them that tend to their running needs. Here are 7 useful holiday gifts for runners that will not disappoint this season of giving.

The season of giving is upon us. What gift will you give to the runner in your life?

1. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Having a quality pair of earbuds on a run is the key to keep on moving and grooving. A lot of times though, the best earbuds aren’t the cheapest. Many runners will sacrifice quality sound because they can’t justify spending a lot of money on themselves. That’s where you come in. The best thing about giving gifts for runners is that you can get them something they really want but won’t buy for themselves. Powerbeat Pro wireless earphones are some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. They are made for high-performance and fit to wear in typical running conditions. Not only do they have up to nine hours of listening time, perfect for those that are training for long distance, they are also sweat- and water-resistant, which makes it convenient to run in any weather condition. The ear hooks are adjustable and secure so the runner in your life can stay on track as they log those miles.

Powerbeats Pro

2. TRIBE Water-Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

If your runner friend is still that person carrying a phone in hand while running, it’s time to give the gift of an upgrade. The TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case is an ideal gift for runners who need somewhere to put their phone. This armband case is fit for iPhones and Android smartphones and has an adjustable band along with a key holder, making it super convenient for runners to keep all their essentials in one place while they run but still out of the way as they sway their arms back and forth. The armband has a no slip design as well, which is very fitting for all the movement that happens while running. Additionally, it features a full touchscreen functionality that helps to encase the smartphone screen for ultimate protection, and at the same time, allows for easy access to maneuver about your touchscreen as you normally would.

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case


3. Compression Socks for Runners

Compression socks for runners are a game-changer. For those runners in your life who have yet to get a pair of these special types of socks, you’re about to give them the best gift ever. Compression socks are stockings that are designed to bring optimal circulation into the lower extremities, specifically the feet, ankles and calves. This is particularly appealing to runners because of the excessive use of their legs. The science behind the socks is compression technology—it works to bring oxygen and nutrient depleted blood away from lives and oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the limbs which not only helps fuel muscles but repairs them at the same time. Compression socks from PRO Compression come in a variety of styles. Choose from marathon socks with graduated compression technology for runners who run longer distances or ankle-high compression socks for those who prefer a no-show look. These socks can be worn during a run for continuous comfort or afterwards to help boost recovery.

Compression socks for runners are the perfect gift this holiday season.

4. Multifunctional Headwear

Any dedicated runner never lets the weather determine their training schedule. Make sure the runner in your life stays bundled up on the colder days of the winter by gifting them with multifunctional headwear like the Buff New Original. This lightweight, breathable yet warming wrap works as a face mask, headband, neck cover or earmuffs, or all the above at once. The bottom line is that runners can stay warm and protect their face, head and neck from the cold so they can continue on their run in comfort.

Buff New Original

5. Compression Calf Sleeves

Compression calf sleeves are ideal gifts for runners that want to protect their calves and shins this winter season. Not only do compression calf sleeves work to provide support for runners, especially those prone to shin splints, they work to keep the legs warm. Calf sleeves from PRO Compression can fit snuggly under running pants and leggings. The fabric is both breathable, functional and supportive.

Compression calf sleeves make great gifts for runners

6. Runner’s World 2020 Calendar

Capitalize on the time of year by giving your runner a 2020 calendar themed around their favorite activity. The Runner’s World 2020 Calendar is a great gift idea for runners because it provides the motivation and inspiration for runners to keep going as they train throughout the year. Additionally, this particular calendar provides tips from the experts to achieve ultimate running goals for the new year.

Runner's World 2020 Calendar

7. GRID Foam Roller

Often times runners forget to stretch. Even though they may understand how beneficial and necessary stretching is for achieving optimal performance, it can sometimes get pushed the side. Gift your runner with a GRID Foam Roller to remind them to take a minute and stretch. Their muscles deserve it. The GRID Foam Roller provides that hurts-but-oh-so-good type of stretch by channeling oxygen and blood needed to repair overworked muscles. That way, runners can improve mobility and relieve tightness and keep moving to their best ability on their next run.

Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller

Gifts for Runners

Whether it’s compression socks for running, wireless earbuds or an inspirational 2020 calendar, these gift ideas for runners will not disappoint the recipient. This giving season, look to PRO Compression and browse our compression sock collection for holiday gifts for runners.


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