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Five Simple Ways to Avoid Blisters

Anyone who's ever had a blister knows how painful they are, especially people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Blisters can make walking uncomfortable and running an absolute nightmare. Worse, serious infections are also a possibility. 

Here are five ways to avoid blisters.

Wear Shoes That Fit

Ill-fitting shoes are the most common culprit for blisters -- part of the shoe rubs repeatedly against the skin, causing irritation. Any pinching is a sign of a bad fit. Runners may want to consider buying their shoes at a specialty running shop, where an ideal fit can be assured. It’s also a good idea to purchase shoes during evening hours, since our feet tend to swell as the day goes on.

Wear (the right) Socks

PRO Compression socks give you a great head start in reducing the likelihood of developing blisters. The reason is because our running and compression socks are manufactured using synthetic yarn, which offers the best moisture-wicking properties. Avoid cotton socks when running or during other physical activity because cotton retains moisture, making you more susceptible to blisters.

Runner wearing PRO Compression Socks

Watch for Early Warning Signs

Being alert to the early indicators of a blister gives you a better chance of avoiding them. Because blisters begin as irritated skin, areas that become red and inflamed may be a hot-spot before a blister. Take particular care when it comes to spots that have formed blisters in the past.

Keep Your Feet as Dry as Possible

Socks stick to wet feet, increasing the friction caused by movement, which in turn makes blisters more likely. If your feet do get wet, change socks as soon possible. Applying antiperspirant deodorant or foot powder to your feet may help you avoid excessive moisture.

Use Bandages or Moleskin

Applying a moleskin (a type of bandage made with flannel) to the areas of your feet most prone to blisters is a great preventative measure. A soft bandage or moleskin allows for both comfort and quality protection.

Follow these practices and avoid unnecessary pain, discomfort and time away from your favorite activities because of blisters.

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