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Introducing the Stephanie Bruce Collection

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We're very excited to announce the release the first design of the Stephanie Bruce Collection compression socks by PRO Compression. As a professional runner, Bruce has always lived by the idea of setting goals very high and empowering herself to achieve them. This inspired the "Dream Big" sock design. 

We recently caught up with Stephanie and thought we'd share some of our conversation.

Tell us what you've been up to since the Olympic Trials?

I took a break after the US Track Trials to let my body and mind heal a bit. The Olympic year can be overwhelming when you train towards one goal and fall short. I fell short for several reasons, but at the end of the day, it was a great journey to get to the starting line. I used my break to spend more time with my sons, get the house organized and catch a few late summer movies.

What are some of your latest goals on the horizon?

I'm actually just building momentum, as I have a big training block this fall. My first race post-trials will be the US 10-Mile Champs on October 9 in Minneapolis. MN. 

Of course, my goal is to win a national title, but I'm not sure where my fitness will be at the 10 mile, as I'm early really just getting started in my training block. I plan to announce my full schedule very soon, so keep your eyes open!

What inspired the "Dream Big" sock design? 

I have always been a big dreamer when it comes to setting goals. Honestly, there have been times some goals looked foolish or ridiculous on paper. But dreaming big and committing to your goals on paper is a mentality. It's helped me start Picky Bars with my pals Lauren and Jesse, and I believe has helped in the success I've achieved with my running career.

Dream Big is a way of viewing yourself and your goals, while also putting in the necessary work today in order to become closer to achieving those goals. Dreaming Big means reaching far past your reality into the stars. That idea sparked the creation of a galaxy of stars and the moon on the Dream Big socks. 

What are you most excited about for this sock?

My hope is that people feel empowered when they slip on the sock and bold enough to create those goals in their minds and hearts. Then follow that boldness and creativity with the courage and determination to put in the necessary work the goals require. Oh, and I'm obviously pumped for the color scheme as I think the aqua, pink, and gold pop and compliment each other really well. 

And, lastly, that my initials SB are on the sock is the one of the coolest compliments a company could have let me include in the design. Thank you, Eric!

At the end of the day, why compression socks and why PRO Compression? 

Compression socks are important because we put a lot of stress on our calves, feet and shins. Be kind to your lower legs so they can be kind back to you during training. I believe compression socks keep them healthy, loose and ready to run.

What is your biggest reason for wanting to share PRO Compression socks with your audience? 

A big reason I compete and share my journey is for the fans.They keep this sport alive and growing. We share the roads, the trails, the ups, the downs, the heartache and the breakthroughs so it feels quite naturally for me to share my sponsors and favorite gear with my audience. 

We all have our own path we're on the achieve our various goals but there's no reason we can't do is the same style and fashion. That in a way brings us together since we can't all train together.

Thank you, Stephanie. You are amazing and an inspiration for us all!

Follow Stephanie's journey on her website and Instagram page:

Photo credit: Martos Hoffman

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