2019 PRO Ambassador Applications

Please note that the application period for the 2019 PRO Ambassador Program is now closed. Applications will reopen November 2019.

We are often asked, "What does it take to be a PRO Compression Ambassador?" We wish there was a single answer or a checklist of factors that we could provide. Something similar to: "You must have blue hair, limit your use of emojis to 3 per sentence, and only use your left hand when handling a spork—because of safety concerns."

In reality, we try and put together a team that is better as a whole rather than one formed of individual personalities or specialties. We take pride in the fact that our team works collaboratively and is an active part of the community.

Going back to the above question. There are a few common factors among the Ambassadors that are selected. For example, we have a high percentage of active Instagram users, but having an Instagram account has never been a requirement. Collectively we try to find a balance of social media enthusiasts, active members in their respective communities, and above all things: a fan of the brand.

We believe the above. It is our truth. In order to put some data behind it (and see if our truth is in fact truth) we took a poll of our 2017 Ambassador team. There is some room for improvement and growth, but we hope that this offers some insight into the different types of members that make up our Ambassador program.

Enjoy and #keepittight


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