Go Low!

PRO Compression | Golf Socks | No Show Low, White in Golf ShoeOur compression socks are made by golfers for golfers. Maximize your performance on the course and enhance your recovery post-round with PRO Compression Socks. Benefits include:

  • Improved circulation, energy and comfort
  • Decreased soreness and reduced fatigue
  • Comfortable snug fit with compressive foot and arch support
  • Durable construction that will last round after round
  • Low and crew heights in a variety of colors to fit any style

Shop below or email us with questions: support@procompression.com

Trainer Low Tab, Black (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low Tab, White (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low Tab, Grey (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low Tab, Navy Blue (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Black on Black (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Black (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, White (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Grey (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Heather Grey (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Red (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Orange (2-Pair) $25.00
Trainer Low, Royal Blue (2-Pair) $25.00
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