Welcome USA FIT

Thank you for visiting PRO Compression! We’re proud to partner with USA FIT who are changing lives through their local running and walking programs throughout the United States. 

Notice: In May 2022, we lowered all our product prices. This resulted in the original 60% off discount being changed to 27% off. But don’t worry, while the discount might look different, we’ve calculated this change to ensure you are still getting a deal equally as great as you were prior to the price drop. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please email us at support@procompression.com. We’re happy to help!


Use the discount code USAFIT for savings on your order!


Terms: Offer valid on most items in store. Offer only valid on items that are in stock. Grab bags, mystery items and bundles are excluded from this offer. Offers may not be combined with any other promotions. 
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Marathon, Florida Skies $30.00
Marathon, Orange Boom! $30.00
Marathon, Blue Vertex $30.00
Marathon, Smile $30.00
Marathon, White, Red and Blue Stripe $30.00