The Ridiculously Easy Fix to My Pregnancy Pains

Are you pregnant? Are you incredibly uncomfortable?

Yeah. Me too.

My legs hurt. My feet hurt. My back hurts.

My life generally just hurts.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and everything, and I mean everything is sore.

Most pregnant women complain about their stomach pains, nausea, and other things I don’t think are appropriate to write here, but for me, the worst of them all (so far) has been the pain in my feet, legs and back.

  • My feet are ridiculously swollen and sore (my husband joked that I was wearing clown shoes, he sleeps on the couch now).
  • My legs are always sore and cramping up.
  • My varicose veins (swollen, purple veins in the legs caused from increased pressure on the legs) are beyond gross.
  • And of course, my lower back is constantly straining.

Everything I do is just agonizingly uncomfortable.

Why does being pregnant have to be so damn uncomfortable?

And for God’s sakes, why aren’t any of the “tricks” that help other pregnant women’s pain working for me?

I tried everything.

  • I’ve gotten massages.
  • I’ve done yoga.
  • I’ve tried Pilates.
  • I’ve tried swimming.
  • I bought a “maternity belt” (I didn’t know what this was either. Don’t bother looking it up, it didn’t help).

Nothing worked.

I’ve never felt this uncomfortable and helpless in my life. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.

Then one day, when I was having lunch with my best friend, still quite obviously miserable, she recommended that I try these new socks that she got the other day.


My friend recommended I try freaking socks. I love my friend to death but at that exact moment I wanted to smack her because I thought she was messing with me.

Since we’ve known each other since the 6th grade, she’s pretty good at reading my face, so she quickly replied “Trust me. I’ll even order them for you.”

Needless to say, I forgot about her ever mentioning the socks.

I continued my miserable routine of being uncomfortable on my couch to being uncomfortable while I eat, to being uncomfortable outside, to being uncomfortable when I sleep.

A couple weeks later, my lovely friend showed up at my door with five pairs of the cutest, most colorful socks I’d ever seen (and a jar of pickles and ice cream, please don’t ask me why. The baby loves it).

I looked at the socks and my first thought was “Even if these don’t fix my pain, at least I’ll look fantastic while I’m miserable.”

I slid on my favorite pair, a beautiful minty-light-blue that reached right up under my knees.

“Let’s take a walk, then,” my friend said.

I didn’t want to walk. But she did bring me pickles and ice cream so I sucked it up.

I put on my running shoes, grabbed my puppy and his leash and set off to the park. We caught up about all the normal things we usually talked about. About halfway through our walk, I realized we were talking about what we used to talk about - not about how miserable I was.

I stopped and looked down. My feet felt way more supported and comfortable. My legs weren’t so crampy. My knees didn’t feel like they were falling apart like they normally do.

My legs felt…comfortable. I hadn’t been able to say that for months.

“I told you.” She read my mind without me even saying anything.

What were these magic voodoo socks?

Apparently, these knee-high socks incorporate graduated compression technology in its fabric that helps promote better blood circulation all throughout your legs.

It helps force deoxygenated blood cells all the way back up to the heart where they can be reenergized with oxygen and then carried back through the body to the limbs. That’s what makes them so great at reducing pain, soreness and swelling for a super-pregnant woman like me.

Fast forward a couple weeks.

I wear my socks 24/7. My legs feel way better, my back pain is starting to subside, and I’m just generally more energetic and in a better mood (so my husband and friends are happier, too). I even noticed my varicose veins are starting to fade away.

No, the socks didn’t cure my morning sickness (maybe PRO Compression should look into that next), but I’m not kidding when I say it drastically helped the pain in my legs and back.

A complete lifesaver.



Such an amazingly weird and easy answer to my problems. It’s so simple, it almost feels like a cheat code.

Ladies, if you’re pregnant (or even if you’re not), do yourself a favor and get these socks now.

You’ll thank me later.

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