A Golfer's Fix to Constant Foot Pain

The Secret Weapon that Fixed My Foot Pain

Everyone has their weekend paradise. Mine is golf.

After working my butt off all week, the highlight of my weekend is when I get to hit the links on a bright and sunny day with a couple buddies.

Birds chirping, sun shining, beers cracked - that’s a slice of heaven to me.

Seeing as how my buddies all work in an office all week, we often end up walking the course. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk and enjoy the great outdoors as much as the next guy, but recently it’s really been taking a toll on my feet and legs. We’re all pretty active guys, but I’m the only one that spends 90% of my work week on my feet.

I don’t know if it’s age or whatever else, but nowadays walking 18 holes in a day is basically a death sentence for me. At my course, that’s about five miles.

By the end of the day, my feet and calves are completely shot. I even find that my form starts to take a hit around the 14th hole.

Then it’s right back to work, where I spend most of the day on my feet and walking around.

I’d gotten to the point where my lower body is just in a constant state of soreness.

This definitely wasn’t sustainable, but what choice did I have? I couldn’t give up the love of my life, the one break I had from the week, and I couldn’t give up my work.

So... soreness. That was the choice that was left.

Then one day, I had dinner with a runner friend who regularly participates in marathons. I mentioned how I couldn’t understand how he ran so much when I could barely handle golfing on the weekends, and he casually mentioned that he had uncovered a secret that had changed his running game completely.

I leaned in expectantly. Finally, was this the answer to my problems?

He leaned in, too.


I looked at him blankly.

I didn’t understand at all. I thought he was about to tell me about some newly-legalized steroid or painkiller or something.

“Yup. PRO Compression socks. Trust me. Order a pair of these, wear them golfing and wear them to work. Then get back to me.”

To tell you the truth, if it had been anyone else, I probably wouldn’t have given “socks” a second thought.

But I’ve seen the way this guy runs. I’ve seen him finish marathons then casually hit the gym for a workout.

This guy’s superhuman.

If he says socks…then socks it is.

That night, I went to PRO Compression’s website and ordered a few pairs. I bought three pairs of the ankle socks and three pairs of the mid-calf socks. They had a huge range of colors and patterns, but I stuck to the standard blacks, grays, and whites.

They arrived in just a few days and the following weekend I wore them out to the course. As I put them on, I noticed I had never felt this supported by socks before. At this point though, I have to say I was still a bit skeptical. I didn’t really think socks were going to change my game up that much.

We walked the full 18 holes once again, and I couldn’t believe it. By the end, I felt like I could still walk another 9. I didn’t feel as fatigued as I usually did, and my calves were not nearly as sore as they usually were.

Call it coincidence or not, but I also shot my best round in months.

I had to see if this was just a placebo that my runner friend had implanted in my brain, though. I wore them every day of the week to work and couldn’t believe the difference.

I wasn’t completely dead by 3pm like I usually was. My legs felt great. The ankle support I had while walking around all day was amazing. My wife even commented that I looked way more energetic when I got home.


I still couldn’t wrap my head around how these PRO Compression socks were making such a big difference, so I did some research.

Apparently, these PRO Compression socks incorporate graduated compression technology in its fabric that helps promote better blood circulation all throughout your legs.

It helps force deoxygenated blood cells all the way back up to the heart where they can be reenergized with oxygen and then carried back through the body to the limbs. That’s what makes them so great at reducing pain, soreness and swelling and helps accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Basically, PRO Compression’s signature compression technology puts pressure in the exact spots needed to increase blood flow and help repair broken down soft tissue. The further away from your heart, the more compression you feel - which was why it made my feet feel so supported.

Who would’ve known that socks could make the blood flow through your body better.

My runner friend…I now understand his attitude.

These socks feel like a cheat code, a secret club that not enough people know about.

If you are a golf lover, or a runner, or someone who works on their feet all day, or just a human being who uses their feet from time to time, you need to get these socks.

Trust me. You’ll thank me later.