Men's Ankle Compression Socks

Often times when you think of the traditional compression sock, the image of an over-the-knee stocking is what comes to mind. But depending on your specific needs, you may not want the more obvious look of compression and might be looking for a pair of men’s ankle compression socks that are more on the down-low—literally. If this is you, you’ve come to the right section of PRO Compression’s online store. We have a wide selection of men’s compression ankle socks, for both sport purposes and leisure.

What Do Compression Socks Do?

Compression socks are designed to apply a special pressure around your lower limbs, joints and feet to provide maximum comfort to those areas. Comfort comes from the increased blood circulation that these specialty socks promote. The key is in the design. A blend of high-quality synthetic fabric is woven together intricately to wrap around target areas of the body. In the case of men’s ankle compression socks, the sock will cover your entire foot and rise just above or below the ankle, where a sneaker would hit. When the foot is compressed within the sock, oxygen-depleted blood is pushed away from the foot to allow for more oxygen-rich blood to flow towards it. This creates optimal blood flow that works to decrease swelling in the feet. Whether you’re in the need for men’s sport compression socks or want a more casual sock, you can choose between varying degrees of compression. The higher the intensity of the activity you engage in, be it based on impact or endurance, the more pressure you will want to have.

Choose Men’s Ankle Compression Socks from PRO Compression

Our men’s short compression socks are fit for situations where you want the benefits of compression gear but don’t want to make it completely apparent to the world. Alternatively, you may just like the way men’s ankle compression socks feel, as they are naturally more flexible and freeing due to the use of less fabric in the design. Whatever the case may be, PRO Compression is you go-to shop for men’s compression socks. Check out our selection of men’s compression ankle socks and get moving in more comfort and style.

PC Runner, Neon

PC Runner, Neon


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PC Runner, Lavender

PC Runner, Lavender


Select Size
Trainer Low, Black (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Black on Black (2-Pair)
PC Runner, Blue

PC Runner, Blue


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Trainer Low, White (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Mint (2-Pair)
PRO Compression No Show Sock | Black, 2 pairs
PRO Compression No Show Sock | White, 2 pairs
PC Runner, Black with Green
Trainer Low, Pink (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Grey (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Royal Blue (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Purple (2-Pair)
No Show Low, Mint (2-Pair)
PRO Compression Trainer Low Sock, Heather Grey
Trainer Low, Lime (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Red (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Kelly Green (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Yellow (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Orange (2-Pair)
PRO Compression | Graduated Compression Socks | PC Runner, Grey with Black
PRO Compression | Low Ankle Socks | Trainer Low Tab Black
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Trainer Low Tab, Grey
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Trainer Low Tab, Navy Blue