Finding the Right Product and Fit

If you’re new to compression socks and sleeves, you’re in the right place! Here you will find information to help you pick the perfect compression sock or sleeve along with your size. If you have any questions along the way, please email support@procompression.comfor assistance, our team is here to help you find the perfect match! 

How do I know if I should be wearing compression socks or sleeves? 

Before you begin shopping, determine how you’ll be using your new compression gear. Calf Sleeves are great for high intensity training sessions or activities where being barefoot is ideal, such as yoga or pilates. However, if you have existing circulatory issues or are prone to swelling in the feet, compression socks are the better choice over calf sleeves. 

Compression socks are more versatile than calf sleeves because they can be worn for a multitude of reasons such as for running, work, during pregnancy, traveling and daily wear. Since the socks cover the feet, they are great for managing circulatory and swelling issues in the legs and feet. Knee-high compression socks are best for supporting the calves, ankles and feet. If Knee-high socks are not your style, we also carry mid-calf and ankle-height compression socks, allowing you to pick the style that best targets the areas you need support the most. 

Find Your Perfect Fit

Now that you’ve determined if you need a compression sock or sleeve, you can use the size charts below to determine the right fit in the style you’re looking for. 

PRO Compression Size Charts

Click on the style of sock to navigate down to the corresponding size chart.

PRO Tip #1 - How tight should they feel?

If you've never worn compression socks or sleeves, expect it to feel tighter than you're used to. They should not be too tight as to feel uncomfortable after a while, but not so loose that they feel like any other pair of socks. How tight is subjective, but if you follow the size guide you will get a compressive fit that will end up helping your legs and feet feel much better at the end of the day.

PRO Tip #2 - The best way to put on compression socks

Before fighting to pull on your mid's or over-the-calf compression socks, gather the material from the top cuff to the ankle then fit the sock to your foot before attempting to pull them up over your calf. The easiest way is to put your hand in the sock and pull it halfway inside out by the heel, stopping just before you can see the [inside out] heel box.

Slide your thumbs inside the cuff and slowly pull the sock up over your ankle and calf. Fit the top of the sock where you would like, typically right below the crease of your knee. 

If they fit a bit long, simply slide your thumbs inside the cuff and walk the material down to a comfortable height and smooth out any wrinkles. Following these steps will ensure an even stretch and maximum comfort, and (bonus!) they’ll last longer too.


VIDEO: How to Put On Compression Socks the Right and Easy Way  


PRO Tip #3 - How to Care for Compression Socks

While your PRO Compression socks are made of high-grade materials, you should care for them as you would any other high-quality athletic apparel. For best results, we recommend machine washing in cold water and air drying.

Size Chart for all Over-the-Calf (Knee-High) Socks


Size Chart for Wide-Calf (Knee-High) Socks


Size Chart for all Mid-Calf (Crew) Socks


Size Chart for all Low (Ankle) Socks


Size Chart for Calf Sleeves


Size Chart for Wide-Calf Sleeves


Size Chart for Compression Arm Sleeves

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Size Chart for Compression Knee Sleeve/Brace

PRO Compression Knee Sleeves Sizing Chart

Size Chart for Compression Ankle Sleeve/Brace

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