Getting the Right Fit

Use the following size charts to help you get the right fit. Then, scroll down and follow the PRO Tips at bottom of this page. This will ensure maximum comfort, enjoyment, and longevity of your PRO Compression purchase.

PRO Compression Socks Size Chart

PRO Compression Wide-Calf Marathon Socks Size Chart

Sizing Chart for Knee Compression Sleeves

PRO Compression Knee Sleeves Sizing Chart


PRO Tip #1

If you've never worn compression socks or sleeves, expect it to feel tighter than you're used to. You'll also feel better than you're used to feeling at the end of the day.

PRO Tip #2

Before pulling on your mid's or over-the-calf socks, gather the material from the top cuff to the ankle then fit the sock to your foot before attempting to pull them up over your calf.  Slide your thumbs inside the cuff and slowly pull the sock up over your ankle and calf. Fit the top of the sock where you would like, typically right below the crease of your knee. Click here for a quick "how to" video:

The Easiest Way to Put on Your Compression Socks

If they fit a bit long, simply slide your thumbs inside the cuff and walk the material down to a comfortable height and smooth out any wrinkles.

Following these steps will ensure an even stretch and maximum comfort, and (bonus!) they’ll last longer too.

PRO Tip #3

While your PRO Compression socks are made of high-grade materials, you should care for them as you would any other high-quality athletic apparel. For best results, we recommend machine washing in cold water and air drying.