Compression Dress Socks

Whether you’re working from home, in the office or flying first class, this knee-high sock delivers medium-light graduated compression, classic styling and premium comfort. Designed to improve blood circulation, it will help to reduce swelling and keep you energized at work all day long. Looks great in the office or wherever work takes you.

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PC Dress, Black $25.00
PC Dress, Merlot $25.00
PC Dress, Charcoal $25.00
PC Dress, Navy $25.00
PC Dress, Del Mar $25.00
PC Dress, Brown $25.00
PC Dress, Bistro $25.00
PC Dress, Executive $25.00
PC Dress, Beach Fire $25.00
PC Dress, Carolina Blue Squares $25.00
PC Dress, Skulls $25.00
PC Dress, Limon Melange $25.00
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