Compression Dress Socks

From the boardroom to the weight room, PRO Compression Dress Socks combine innovation, the highest quality materials, and an office-appropriate look to deliver the best dress sock you can wear. With a slightly lighter grade of compression and soft materials, they're made for all-day comfort to take you through whatever the day brings.

Compression socks are vitally important to promote proper circulation and prevent swelling whether your job has you sitting at a desk or on your feet all day. Our Dress Compression Socks are ideal for wearing at work, during mid-day workouts, and of course, for happy hour!

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PC Dress, Black $25.00
PC Dress, Charcoal $25.00
PC Dress, Navy $25.00
PC Dress, Del Mar $25.00
PC Dress, Brown $25.00
PC Dress, Bistro $25.00
PC Dress, Executive $25.00
PC Dress, Beach Fire $25.00
PC Dress, Carolina Blue Squares $25.00
PC Dress, Limon Melange $25.00
PC Dress, Tan $25.00
PC Dress, Diamonds $25.00
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