By far the number one customer request has been to make socks and sleeves for people with larger calves. We're thrilled to introduce wide-calf versions of our Marathon Socks and Calf Sleeves!

A generous opening accommodates larger-sized calves while maintaining proper pressure. Color options are continuously being added to both.

Marathon Wide-Calf, Rose Skies $30.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, White, Red and Blue Stripe $30.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, Neon and Blue Band $30.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, Stealth $30.00
Calf Sleeves, Black (Wide-Calf) $25.00
Calf Sleeves, Florida Skies (Wide-Calf) $25.00
Calf Sleeves, Heather Grey (Wide-Calf) $25.00
Calf Sleeves, Pink (Wide-Calf) $25.00
Calf Sleeves, Navy Blue (Wide-Calf) $25.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, Black Classic Stripe $30.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, Black on Black $30.00
Marathon Wide-Calf, Pink $30.00
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