Compression Technology - What Are Compression Socks Used For | How Do Compression Socks Work

You’ve probably seen someone at the gym wearing them. Your favorite pro athlete likely has a signature pair. If you’ve ever flown on an international flight, you were probably encouraged to wear them. But, that doesn’t answer the questions you’re thinking about. What are compression socks, exactly? Do compression socks work? What do they do?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is some helpful information about compression socks.

Compression Socks: The Basics

Wearing Graduated Compression socks is the most convenient, quick way of combating muscle soreness and fatigue. By applying the right pressure in the right places, compression socks help increase blood flow. When you increase the blood flow, your broken down soft tissue can repair itself more quickly.


Put simply, compression helps your body move through its natural recovery process faster so you feel better sooner.

Who Do Compression Socks Work For?


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or you're attempting your first round of "couch-to-5K,” you can use compression socks. Nurses, frequent travelers, and people who are constantly on the go will feel better by wearing graduated compression socks in their everyday lives. Compression is a proven medical practice that can help anyone. PRO Compression took the practice one step further and made them bright, colorful, totally comfortable socks you’re going to be excited to wear.


PRO Compression Signature Designs 


As you can see, we take compression seriously because it serves a very important role in your well-being. But you should know that our socks have even more to offer you as you take on 26.2 miles, 18 holes, or 8 hours at work.


PRO Compression products are made using a proprietary blend of nylon and poly materials, which are optimally constructed to enhance your performance. It took us years to come up with the perfect blend, look, and feel, so you can say we’re proud of our socks. And since we have the material perfected, we get to spend our time dreaming up fresh new designs all year long.


How Do PRO Compression Socks Work?


Our compression socks and sleeves include a true Graduated Compression design. This means the amount of compression strength decreases as the distance to the heart decreases.


In a compression sock, for example, you'll find less compression at the top of the sock than at the toe. In a pair of compression tights, there will be less compression around the waist than around the ankles. This forces the blood to move upward where there is more space. So, while gravity is pulling blood down, compression is pushing blood up. This perfect pairing is where the magic of compression happens.


PRO Compression Marathon Socks Proudly Made In the USA


Most PRO Compression socks and sleeves are designed and manufactured in the USA. Sure, lower cost manufacturing options are available, but having mostly domestic manufacturing allows us to have complete control over the design, manufacturing, and quality of every sock we ship.


Our goal has always been to deliver a world-class product that will enable you to live, work, and play your best, and to get you back to 100% faster.


Try your first pair of compression socks today! If you're not ready to try a full, over-the-calf sock, we suggest crew-length compression socks for beginners, but we encourage you to browse our entire line of products and find exactly what you want.