Benefits of Arm Sleeves for Football and Literally Anything Else

Benefits of Arm Sleeves for Football and Literally Anything Else

The sport of football is demanding on just about any athlete’s body. Not only is training extremely tough but the game in and of itself can be extremely strenuous on the limbs and joints. That’s where compression technology comes in. Compression arm sleeves and calf compression sleeves can significantly improve an athlete’s ability to train and compete. The subtle yet impactful design can be a game changer, both on and off the field. Here are a few benefits arm sleeves can bring to the game of football and beyond.


Prevents Muscle Strain  

When you’re pushing your body to the limit, or going full force with every tackle, it can be extremely easy to strain a muscle. Overexertion or overextension is all too common in the sport of football. And sometimes when you get hit, you can’t anticipate which way your body limbs will move. Arm sleeves can provide an extra barrier to protecting your muscles from strain. The unique compacting design helps to keep your muscles in the right position and helps to prevent movement outside the range of motion.  

Improves Recovery 

After long and intense practices and games, your body needs to properly recoverArm sleeves and calf sleeves can help improve recovery because compression technology promotes better blood circulation to the limbs. More oxygenated blood flows to the areas that have been worked the most which replenishes them and gives them the energy they need to bounce back. The last thing you need during football season is to be bogged down with sore, tired muscles. When your muscles recover more efficiently it means you can train harder the next day.  

Protects Limbs 

When you play a heavy contact sport like football, your chances of getting banged up are at an all-time high. This means multiple bruises on just about every part of your body. Your arms are a particularly important part that may require special attention since they are used constantly throughout the sport. Compression arm sleeves can help because they add a layer of protection against certain nicks and reduce the impact to the skin upon contact. Although they won’t completely protect against bruising, they are better to wear than nothing at all. Additionally, if you are playing with bruises, covering them up with an arm sleeve can help protect the bruises from getting worse. At the same time, the increased blood flow to the limbs works to bring oxygen-rich blood to the bruised area, to improve healing.   

Reduces Swelling 

Swelling in muscles is an inflammatory response that happens in the body when excess fluid collects in tissues. This can be caused by direct impact and injury, overworking a muscle or obstruction to the lymphatic system, called lymphedema. The bottom line is, when muscles swell, it can be extremely painful and decrease mobility, which is not ideal for football training. Compression arm sleeves and calf sleeves increase blood circulation which helps to reduce swelling.  

Gain Support  


Compression arm sleeves can improve the overall execution of throwing and catching a football. This is because it can add support when the directed action is exerted. If you’re a quarterback, for example, you are required to use your arm muscles over and over again. Compression arm sleeves for football can help keep up endurance in the arm muscles so that the last throw is just as good as the first. At the same time, they can ensure muscles stay aligned when in motion, which can be crucial to maintaining the accuracy of a throw. If you’re on the receiving end of the ball, compression arm sleeves can help prevent overextension as you reach for those balls and bring them in for a cradle. The subtle structure they provide for your limbs is what you need to properly throw and catch the ball. 

Increases Muscle Endurance  

Due to its design that helps promote constant blood flow, and the delivery of oxygenated blood to fatigued muscles, compression arm sleeves will directly increase muscle endurance. When you are constantly exerting energy from specific limbs like arms and legs, you are constantly in need of oxygen to fuel these muscles. Compression arm sleeves and calf sleeves can boost circulation so that oxygen-deprived muscles are continually being replenished with oxygen-rich blood—which means more energy for your muscles to keep going.  

Arm Sleeves from PRO Compression 

Whether you play football professionally, recreationally or leisurely, arm sleeves by PRO Compression can up your game. By boosting better blood circulation, your limbs can benefit in multiple ways. Put on compression arm sleeves for sports training to reduce swelling, recover quicker, gain endurance, prevent injury and protect muscles. Check out our wide variety of arm sleeves for football and beyond at PRO Compression.