Mid-Rise | Crew-Length

Our mid-rise socks come in two main offerings. The mid-calf PC Racers are graduated compression socks that are great for athletes of all types and favored by runners, cyclists and workout fanatics looking for a true performance sock.

The Lifestyle Crew Socks are our version of your everyday "go to" sock, but are everything but basic. They are primarily cotton-based with just enough compression to hug your feet and provide that little extra support to keep you feeling good all day, anywhere life takes you.

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PC Racer, Black $20.00
PC Racer, Grey $20.00
PC Racer, Powder Blue $20.00
PC Racer, Royal and Powder $20.00
PC Racer, Multicolor Stripe $20.00
PC Racer, Pink $20.00
PC Racer, Neon Green $20.00
PC Racer, Neon Yellow $20.00
PC Racer, Red $20.00
PC Racer, Navy Blue Lines $20.00
PC Racer, Dark Grey Wool $20.00
PC Racer, Wool $20.00
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