Best Compression Socks for Standing All Day

The best compression socks for nurses and medical staff are knee-high Marathons.

Does your job or lifestyle require you to be on your feet for long periods of time? If so, it’s important to take proper care of your lower limbs and feet to keep them fully functioning and comfortable throughout the day. And getting that comfort starts with the type of socks you wear. Check out what the best compression socks for standing all day are and how they work to fulfill your needs.


Best Compression Socks for Nurses - Nurse walking with patient
Many professions, like nursing, require you stand all day for shifts of 8-12 hours. Compression socks for standing all day help keep you fresh and energized. 


What Are Compression Socks?


Compression socks are a special type of stocking that are designed with compression science and circulation in mind. The way the socks are woven allows them to compress the limbs and parts of the body that they wrap around. This subtle yet targeted compression works to promote optimal circulation and blood flow to and from the limbs.


The best socks for standing all day are PRO Compression socks. Our socks feature the proper levels of graduated compression for optimal performance. Read on to find out more.


How Do Compression Socks Work?


While there are many compression socks to choose from, the best compression socks for work and standing all day should feature graduated compression ratings. Graduated compression technology refers to the pattern of pressure, or compression, that is placed in certain areas of a limb to encourage the most ideal blood flow.


In the context of compression socks, knee-high compression socks provide a good example of how graduated compression design works. As the sock fabric moves lower and away from the heart, the higher the compression level goes. So, for instance, the feet and ankle areas will have a higher compression rate surrounding them compared to the top of the calf. This works to move depleted blood cells towards the heart where it can be replenished with oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, the lower compression at the top of the calf makes it easier for oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to move to the places that carry the most weight and pressure.

What Do Compression Socks Do?


Compression is often used to treat medical conditions but is equally applicable to everyday casual and recreational purposes.


Standing all day long can often cause symptoms of swelling and fatigued muscles, particularly in the legs and feet. By moving nutrient-depleted blood away from the lower limbs and feet and bringing oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the limbs, you can achieve pain relief, reduced swelling, comfort and a boost of energy in your legs and feet.


The ultimate purpose of compression socks is to keep you comfortable by creating a situation where you can achieve maximum circulation to the limbs.


PRO Compression socks on a bartender standing all day at work

Standing on your feet all day for work can have adverse effects on your feet and legs as well as your general health. Keeping your blood circulating optimally is an important way to combat these effects.


Best Compression Socks for Standing All Day


Compression socks for work can vary in lengths and pressures based on your needs. Many occupations require you to stand or to move on your feet for long periods of time. From medical personnel to those who work in the restaurant and hospitality industry to onsite construction, the demands on your lower limbs can be huge.


For those looking for maximum benefits of compression socks, try an over-the-calf or over-the-knee length sock. Compression socks for nurses and doctors can easily be worn underneath scrubs and pants. For those who seek  comfort while standing or don’t have the flexibility of wearing a longer compression sock with their work outfit, an ankle-high or no-show compression sock is a great option. Alternatively, you can also choose to wear a calf compression sleeve instead of a compression sock.


Another factor that plays into the functionality of compression socks is compression level. The lower the compression level, the subtler the pressure that’s placed on the limbs. A lower, more moderate level may be more fit for situations where you may stand quite a bit but not have to move as much. The higher the compression level, the more impact the compression design has on serving its purpose. If you’re on your feet for long periods of time, this higher level is likely the best compression sock for standing all day.


Choosing the Right Size for Compression Socks


Once you’ve decided on the compression socks that fit your needs, the next stop is knowing how to measure compression socks. Start with measuring the size of your calf and then checking the size chart to find a matching size. This will give you the best fit for this specially designed sock. After you’ve measured calf-size, you can then reference your typical shoe size as an added measure. Proper fit is important in finding the best compression socks for work.

Compression Socks for Standing All Day 


PRO Compression has the best socks for standing all day. We offer a wide array of styles, from casual to dress to fun. Additionally, our socks come in all different lengths including low, mid and over-the-calf. You’ll find a wide range of compression levels available as well. Base your choice on your personal needs and the right fit that would fit the demands of your activity or occupation.


In addition to having the best compression socks for standing all day, PRO Compression also offers other types of compression socks for just about any activity or medical condition. Browse through our selection of compression socks for exercise and physical activities such as running, training or weight lifting. Or if you’re recovering from surgery or have a medical condition such as diabetes or lymphedema, we have compression socks to help you recover and fight off negative symptoms such as swelling and poor circulation.


At PRO Compression, the choice is yours. When you choose the right sock, you can truly benefit from compression and achieve ultimate comfort and better all-around circulation throughout your body.


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