Compression Socks are Great for Heel Pain



Constant, nagging pain is hard to ignore. Even if it isn’t the most severe pain, feeling discomfort every minute of every day is awful to deal with. One of the most common sources of this kind of persistent pain and discomfort comes from heel pain, especially plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band that connects your heel to your ankle. The reasons for the inflammation vary, but the result is a stabbing pain felt throughout the day. There is no direct cure, but there are ways to manage the pain. Feel better and have more focus throughout your day by wearing compression socks for your heel pain.

Benefits of Compression Socks

A compression sock is one that fits snugly around your foot. PRO Compression socks are designed with Graduated Compression, which is a variation on standard compression. In our socks, the compression gradually gets tighter from the top of the socks to the toes. Not only does Graduated Compression give you a more comfortable sock, but it also helps you feel the benefits of compression much faster. Some of the best benefits of compression socks include improved circulation, movement support, and muscle recovery.

Improved Circulation

People come to us for our compression socks because they want to improve the circulation. Painful swelling, inflammation, and sore muscles all come from poor circulation of your blood. This is particularly obvious in your feet. Whether you’re on your feet at work all day or just finishing a long run, you know the familiar pain of aching feet. Most of the time, that ache comes from fatigued muscles and swelling.

When your blood can’t circulate back to your heart, either because of gravity or poor circulation, it starts to pool at your feet. When you wear a compression sock, you’re getting an extra boost to make sure your blood is constantly flowing the way it should. 

Support for Movements

Another important benefit is the support compression socks give you when you’re actively training. We know that when you’re training, there is always a threat of injury. One wrong move and you could be unable to train for months on end. We don’t want that for you.

With our Graduated Compression design, we make sure that the right amount of pressure is applied to the most vulnerable areas of your foot and ankle. The snug compression sock design will keep you aligned as you move in all directions to avoid injury and keep you training as long as you want.


Finally, compression socks assist in your recovery process. The increased blood flow helps to heal the tiny tears in your muscles and relieve the soreness that you feel after a hard training session. You will experience the difference in your recovery time and quality the very next day. Wear your compression socks while your training or while you sleep — whatever is the most comfortable for you. Either way, you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to train again.

Compression Socks for Heel Pain

Those same benefits (circulation, support and recovery assistance) are the reasons compression socks are so good for heel pain. The increased circulation can help reduce the inflammation that makes plantar fasciitis so painful. The snug support from the compression design also helps to keep the band stretched and supported. Even if you’re not on your feet, keeping it in the right place will help prevent any additional irritations. And the recovery benefits can help ease the pain of plantar fasciitis, which happens to be the worst during the morning.

It’s important to note that compression socks cannot treat or help cure plantar fasciitis. But it can help you manage the pain level, which will keep you focused and productive throughout your day.

Compression Sock Options for Heel Pain

While any compression sock could help you manage your heel pain, there are a few styles of compression sock that would be the most beneficial. Here are the ones we suggest you try if this is your first time using compression socks for your plantar fasciitis.


Low Compression Socks

Our low compression socks focus all the compression between your ankle and the ball of your foot. With more concentrated support and recovery assistance, your plantar fasciitis should start to become less inflamed and less painful.

This style sock is also helpful for people who want to wear compression socks during the day but are required to dress professionally. A low profile compression sock won’t show above your shoe, so you can wear it with just about any outfit and no one will ever know.

Over-The-Calf Compression Socks

Over-the-calf compression socks, on the other hand, can be seen by everyone. That’s why we made them so colorful and cool. As the name suggests, these socks stretch from your toes to just under your knee, for full coverage and Graduated Compression support.

People who need more support in their movements might find this style of compression sock beneficial.

Compression Socks with Sleeves

A final option available to you is to combine your compression sock with a compression sleeve. The combo would function much like an over-the-calf compression sock, but you’d have more freedom to move the sleeve up or down your calf for custom support and compression. No matter which option you choose, we’re certain that your heel pain will be reduced immediately.

There is No Need to Suffer

Don’t suffer through another day of constant heel pain. Whether you want to get back into your training routine or just make it through the day without a constant ache, compression socks can make a world of difference for you. Try a new approach and pick out your first pair of compression socks right now. We regularly release new designs, so check back frequently to see what we come up with next. Try a few combinations of compression socks and sleeves, then let us know what works best for you! We love sharing more information with the rest of our community on how to get the most from their compression socks.