"Happily Pounding the Pavement," Scott - PRO Compression Ambassador

"Happily Pounding the Pavement," Scott - PRO Compression Ambassador

Take a moment and meet another PRO Compression Ambassador. Scott is a regular at many Southern California races and we're honored to have him on the team. His love of running, the mental benefits and pushing himself are amazing.

What do you love most about running?

While I enjoy the physical benefits of running, I think what I love most about pounding the pavement is the mental boost I get from it. Running is the one thing I do just for me. I enjoy unplugging (no cell phone allowed) and simply being in the moment for as long as I'm out there. I know I'm only competing against myself and enjoy finding my limits and then trying to push past them. Pardon the cliche, but it's my "happy place."

If you had to race one distance, what would it be?

The race distance I feel most comfortable with is the half marathon. It's long enough that you need to train properly and have a strategy in mind if you want to run a good race. But it's also short enough that I can push myself and still function after the race. Following a full marathon, I'm pretty much walking like a drunken toddler for a day or two.

PRO Compression Ambassador Scott running with PC shirt

Any favorite races?

That's a tough one, like asking me to pick my favorite movie of all time (it's STAR WARS, by the way). So, I'll take the "safe" way out and choose a race for each distance. 

My favorite marathon is Los Angeles Marathon because it's my hometown race (with a great course) and every year I fund-raise with my charity training group "Team To End AIDS." 

Favorite half marathon is the REVEL Big Cottonwood in Salt Lake City. It's downhill and really fast. But it's also run down a mountain and you get about the most beautiful views imaginable.

My favorite 10K is the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta. It's an annual 4th of July race with roughly 60,000 runners. It honestly feels like the entire city turns out to cheer us on. An incredible experience and a great tradition.

Most runners have goals; what are yours?

I will run my 50th half marathon in 2016, getting me half way to the Century Club. And, I'm working very hard to break the 2-hour half marathon.

Why did you want to become a PRO Compression Ambassador?

I'd heard about compression socks helping with race recovery, so I bought a pair of PRO Compression socks to try on the long drive home from the 2014 Orange County Marathon. By the time I pulled in my driveway I was already singing their praises and ordered several pairs the next day. I believe PRO Compression socks and sleeves can help fight off fatigue during races and aid with recovery afterward, so becoming an ambassador was a no-brainer because I was already telling my running buddies about it.

The question everyone wants to know: Favorite Pair of Compression Socks (or Sleeves)? Yes, you have to choose ONE.

Another toughie. I am a big fan of the traditional Black Calf Sleeves, but everyone says how much they love my Black & White Striped "Jailbreak" Calf Sleeves. So I'll go with the crowd... Jailbreak it is!

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