Meet Brett Copeland - PRO Compression Ambassador

Meet Brett Copeland - PRO Compression Ambassador

We’re excited for you to meet our many PRO Compression Ambassadors so you can get to know the amazing people associated with our brand. Today, we’d like you to meet Brett Copeland, a passionate runner from Oxnard, California.

PRO Compression Ambassador Brett Copeland

What do you love most about running?
The amazing community! Running has been a great way to make new friends during my relocation to California.

If you could race only one distance, what would it be?
If we’re talking “racing”, then I will say the 5K.  It’s the only distance that I’ve been able to be somewhat competitive in, at least in my age group.

What is your favorite race?
The Los Angeles Marathon. This was my first big race after moving to California and was blown away by how much the city comes out to support the race. The best part is that is starts at Dodger Stadium!

What are your future running goals?
Get my half marathon back under 2 hours and eventually set a new PR, also run a sub-4-hour marathon.

Give us your favorite running or workout tip.
Save the beer for AFTER your run!

Why did you want to become a PRO Compression ambassador?
Because I truly believe in the brand, they are the only compression technology that has worked for me.  Also, their customer service is the best in the industry.

How do PRO Compression socks help you?
They help tremendously with recovery time and a lot of the colors match my work clothes, money saved on dress socks!

Everyone wants to know, what is your favorite PRO sock design?
The White Classic with Black Stripes. They go with almost all of my running clothes.

What are some of your upcoming races or events?
The entire Lexus Lace Up series, Santa Monica Classic, LA Dodgers Foundation 5K, and Revel Big Bear Half Marathon.

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