Compression Knee High Socks for Women

Looking for compression knee-highs for women? PRO Compression offers a wide variety of over-the-calf, knee-high compression socks that are both highly functional and stylish.

The Science Behind the Design

Compression knee-highs for women are special stockings that incorporates graduated compression technology in the design. Graduated compression refers to the gradually ascending and descending compression up and down the area of focus. This type of pressure works to promote better blood circulation to and from the limbs.

In the case of over-the-calf compression socks for women, the compression level is higher around the feet and ankle joints and as the fabric moves up the leg, compression decreases. These socks are designed with intention, which means, deoxygenated blood cells are forced to move back up towards the heart where they can be reenergized with oxygen and then carried back out towards the limbs. Compression socks are extremely useful for reducing symptoms of pain, soreness or swelling that can be caused by excessive use or lack of mobility within the limbs.

Reasons to Wear Compression Knee-Highs for Women

There are so many benefits of wearing over-the-calf compression socks. The extra-long length of this particular socks allows them to provide maximum comfort and circulation all along the lower limbs. This can be extra handy in situations where you need comfort every part of your calves, ankles and feet.

If you have an occupation that requires long periods of sitting, like a desk job or business travel, you may be experiencing numbness, stiffness or soreness in your legs due to the lack of movement. Compression knee-highs for women work to continually keep the blood moving within limbs to help you avoid stiffness and poor circulation.

Another reason to wear compression knee-highs for women is if you are recovering from injury or a surgery. They help to increase the blood circulation in areas where cells have been damaged which directly speeds up recovery and rehabilitation—getting you back on your feet in no time.

Last but not least, if you are on your feet constantly or participate in a physical activity like running, over-the-calf compression socks can provide maximum support and comfort to your legs. You’ll experience optimal blood circulation that works to counter any swelling, soreness or pain and reenergizes your legs to keep moving as you continue to use them at a higher capacity.

Knee-High Compression Socks for Every Occasion

At PRO Compression, we have compression knee-highs socks fit for every type of occasion. Be it at home, on the field or in the office, choose from casual to sporty to dress designs. Our collection has bright and bold designs as well as more neutral, professional compression dress socks for women.

When you shop for compression gear, be sure to pay attention to the purpose they were intended to serve. Some compression socks provide a higher compression level for more high-intensity activities like endurance sports and running while other sleeves are made for more leisure activities like doing chores around the house, traveling on a plane or sitting at a desk. Whatever needs you may have, we’ve got the sock for you. Shop PRO Compression compression knee-highs for women.

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Marathon, White, Red and Blue Stripe
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PRO Compression Graduated Compression Dress Sock - Coral Stripes
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Dress Sock - Mint Stripes
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