Compression Socks

Premium Compression Running Socks

Not all compression socks are made the same and we have a sock (or sleeve) for EVERYONE–from elite endurance athletes to nurses and anyone who makes a living on their feet.

We know that running shoes get a lot of credit, but the foundation for a good run starts at your socks. After hundreds of miles on hard concrete or rough trails, your body needs more than just a good shoe. You need total support to be able to recover and get back to training the next day. To keep you running and feeling great when you aren’t putting in the miles, we created a line of premium sports compression socks, designed specifically to enhance your circulation, support recovery and keep your muscles strong.

What do we mean by that? Well, first we made sure to support your feet and legs with our Graduated Compression design. That means that as the socks get farther from your heart, the compression pressure increases. It ensures your body will circulate blood back to your heart, and keep you from suffering through painfully sore muscles.

Runners appreciate the constant support over long distances, plus the added recovery help during their rest periods. If you’re ready to step up the quality and performance of your running socks, you will find the right pair right here.

The Variety of Running Socks You Need

While performance and recovery support are important for running socks, they aren’t the only things you pay attention to. We know that you also need a little variety in your style and design. After all, looking good is a huge part of feeling good. We would never compromise on high-quality, comfortable and great looking running socks for you.

Because our Graduated Compression design is perfectly fine-tuned for you, our designers have more free time to play with new colors, designs and looks. Every month we release new running socks to keep your drawer fresh and fun. No matter if you want bright colors or a more traditional look, we’ve got a pair for you.

Running Sock Sizes

Our running socks come in three sizes: over the calf, mid and low. Each gives you the compression and recovery support you’ve come to expect from PRO Compression, but in their own ways. Over the calf running socks give you a wider range of compression for the tough days when soreness is at its peak. Our low rise running socks focus exclusively on your feet. These are great for everyday wear at work or around the house. Depending on where you’re wearing them or what kind of training you’re doing, you might need a pair of each.

Marathon, Neon Green Swirl
Marathon, Neon Pink
Marathon, Neon Pink and Black
Marathon, Neon Pink Swirl
Marathon, Neon Yellow
Marathon, Neon Yellow Swirl
Marathon, New York Classic
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Carolina Stripe
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Nurse Grey Red
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Nurse Mint Fuchsia
Marathon, Orange
Marathon, Orange Boom!
Marathon, Paradise Blue
Marathon, Pink
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Pink Argyle
Marathon, Pink Camo
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Pittsburgh
Marathon, Powder Blue
Marathon, Powder Blue Argyle
Marathon, Purple
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Purple Splash
Marathon, Purple Wings
Marathon, Red
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Red and Black
Marathon, Royal and Green
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Royal and Powder
Marathon, Royal Blue
Marathon, Sacramento Stripe
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, San Diego
Marathon, Sherbet
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Marathon Sock - Stealth Green
Marathon, Sundae
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Teal Boom
PRO Compression Marathon Sock - Texas Star - Over-the-Calf Graduated Compression Sock
Marathon, Tropical Vibes
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Utah Sunset
Marathon, Valentine 2017
Marathon, White
Marathon, White and Black
Marathon, White and Green
Marathon, White and Red
Marathon, White Classic Stripe
Marathon, White, Red and Blue Stripe
Marathon, Wool Blue
Marathon, WRS Boom!
Marathon, Yellow
No Show Low, Black (2-Pair)
No Show Low, Mint (2-Pair)

Get More Compression

Don’t limit your compression support to just your feet! PRO Compression offers a full line of compression sleeves to make sure that you feel great during your workout and rejuvenated afterward. Encourage better circulation throughout your calves and arms by checking out some of our compression sleeves. A calf compression sleeve will pair well with a low or mid pair of socks for increased circulation. Check out our excellent selection to find the best combo for your training schedule.