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Over the Calf Compression Socks for Men

Over-the-calf compression socks are extremely effective in providing you with the optimal blood circulation in your lower limbs. If you suffer from numbness in your legs, participate in sports or activities that potentially make your leg muscles sore and feet swell, or simply just want more overall comfort as you move around, men’s knee-high compression socks are the solution.

Men’s Graduated Compression Socks

The secret to the sock is the graduated compression design. As soon as you place a pair of men’s compression sock over the calf, you can leave the rest up to the sock. A subtle amount of compression is applied to all areas covered by the stocking, but with graduated compression, the amount of pressure applied is more heavily weighted towards the feet and ankles and lessens as the fabric moves up the leg. This works to promote optimal blood flow to and from the lower limbs to provide maximum comfort and ultimately reduces muscle and joint soreness or pain.

Shop PRO Compression

If you’re looking for men’s circulation socks, PRO Compression is the shop for you. Slip on a pair of men’s compression socks over calf and experience a multitude of benefits. We offer a large selection and a variety of designs that fit just about everyone’s needs. Shop PRO Compression men’s compression socks today.

PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Heather Slate
Marathon, Mint Dots
Marathon, Black
Marathon, Black on Black
Marathon, Orange Boom!
Marathon, Lavender
Marathon, Mint Wings
Marathon, Purple
Marathon, Black with Neon Dots
Marathon, Black with Neon Stripes
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Blue Vertex
Marathon, Derby Argyle
Marathon, Multicolor Stripe
Marathon, Navy over White
Marathon, Neon Pink Swirl
Marathon Elite, Black
Marathon, White
Pro Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Neon and Blue Band
Marathon, Neon Candy
Marathon Elite, Berry
Marathon, Royal Blue
Marathon, Royal and Green
Marathon, Pink Camo
Marathon, Aqua Swirl
Marathon, Just Peachy
Marathon, Sherbet
Marathon, Black Classic Stripe
Marathon Elite, Pink
Marathon Elite, Neon Blue
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Royal and Powder
Marathon, Powder Blue
Marathon, Pink
Marathon, Valentine 2017
PRO Compression Marathon Sock - Florida Skies - Over-the-Calf Graduated Compression Sock
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Marathon, Pink Argyle
Marathon, Navy Dots
Marathon, Powder Blue Argyle
Marathon, Neon Green Swirl
Marathon, Sundae
Marathon, White, Red and Blue Stripe
Marathon, Pastel Chevron
Marathon, WRS Boom!
Marathon, White and Black
Marathon, Red
Marathon, Kelly Green
Marathon, Neon Pink
Marathon, Electric Green
Marathon, Blue and Black Stripe