Women's Compression Calf Sleeves

Women’s compressions calf sleeves from PRO Compression provide major support and optimal circulation your body deserves, and in the areas that need it most.

How Women’s Compression Calf Sleeves Work

The secret to compression calf sleeves is in the design. These specialty garments are made to improve circulation within your lower limbs.

A special blend of synthetic fabrics is woven together to create a specific compression pressure around the calf, which is an area that often requires a greater amount of circulation due to the weight it bears and how often you use your lower limbs. 

By applying slight and subtle pressure to certain points on and around the joints and muscles, blood is encouraged to flow within the areas of need. Oxygen-rich blood cells are delivered to muscles to be used for energy and repair. Blood cells of tired tissues are then deported and sent towards the heart to get refueled with more oxygen (aka energy). With women’s compression calf sleeves, you can gain optimal circulation which will directly reduce joint stiffness and swelling and increase mobility and functionality within your limbs.

Why Wear Women’s Compression Calf Sleeves?

There are so any reasons to wear women’s compression calf sleeves. If you’re an athlete, for instance, compression calf sleeves can work to support your legs during training sessions and can also protect them from external factors like dirt, rain or physical contact. They are extremely useful post workout as well during recovery time because they make sure your limbs get the optimal amount of oxygen flowing to fatigued muscles and joints. 

Women’s compression calf sleeves are also great in the workplace for those times when a tall compression sock is not an option. Whether you need to get the blood flowing or are constantly moving on your feet and need compression to help counter fluid buildup and swelling as you continue to use your legs and put weight on them, they can be very useful in job-related scenarios.

Compression calf sleeves can also provide additional support and help guide your calf muscles to move within a certain range of motion. This can be extremely beneficial for athletes training who need compression to provide support during intense workouts and movements that can potentially be very strenuous on the lower limbs.

Wear Women’s Compression Calf Sleeves for Every Occasion

Whether it’s for physical activity like marathon training or long periods of being on your feet, women’s compression calf sleeves can provide benefits on both sides of the spectrum. Slip them right under work pants so no one even knows you’re wearing them or wear them outwardly, loud and proud so everyone can see the support you’re gaining from compression. PRO Compression has a wide selection of compression calf sleeves with vary levels of compression so the ones you choose serve the specific purpose you need them from. Shop women’s compression calf sleeves on PRO Compression and reap the major benefits of compression technology!


PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Black
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - White
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Pink
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Mint Dots
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Purple
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Royal Blue
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Navy Dots
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Navy over White
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Pink and Black
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Multicolor Stripe
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Lavender
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Pink
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Raspberry Swirl
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - White, Red and Blue Stripe
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Aqua Swirl
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Green Swirl
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Royal and Powder
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Black Classic Stripe
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Orange
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Blue
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Neon Yellow
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - White and Red Stripe
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Grey with Black Stripes
PRO-Compression-Graduated-Compression-Calf-Sleeves - Stealth
Calf Sleeves, Florida Skies
Calf Sleeves, Taupe Dots
Calf Sleeves, Maroon and Heather Stripes
Calf Sleeves, Black (Wide-Calf)
Calf Sleeves, Florida Skies (Wide-Calf)
Calf Sleeves, Heather Grey (Wide-Calf)
Calf Sleeves, Navy Blue (Wide-Calf)
Calf Sleeves, Pink (Wide-Calf)