PRO Compression Socks for Women

PRO Compression is the go-to shop for women’s compression socks. Whether you’re looking for all-day comfort at the office, need some knee-high compression socks for your workouts or struggle from numbness in your legs and feet, our compressions socks suit the needs of women everywhere.

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Here’s a rundown of the science behind this special type of stocking, benefits of compression socks, women’s compression socks available by PRO Compression and how you can grab a pair that fits your needs.

Compression Sock Benefits

Our compression socks for women are designed with comfort in mind. The graduated compression design works to apply specific levels or compression on certain points of your feet, ankles and calves. As the fabric moves up the leg, the compression level gradually decreases—this works to encourage deoxygenated blood to move away from the areas that bear the most weight and promotes fresh, oxygen-rich blood flow back to them. You can benefit enormously from this type of built-in design because it helps to reduce swelling and improve circulation so your limbs feel energized and you gain increased mobility.

Choose Women’s Compression Socks

PRO Compression offers a large selection of different types of compression socks for women. Running or walking, sitting or standing—we have a compression sock that works with your comfort needs. Our compression socks come in women’s low-rise, mid-rise and over-the-calf (knee-high) lengths with varying compression levels based on the type of activity. Wear tall socks that have a higher-level compression for more labor-intensive activities and pick a lower-level compression sock for more leisure activities. If you’re wearing women’s compression socks for medical purposes, be sure to consult with a doctor regarding compression level. Choose the best compression socks for women from PRO Compression.