Women's Ankle Compression Socks

If you’re looking for women’s ankle compression socks, you’ve come to the right spot. PRO Compression has a wide variety of short compression socks for women that are great all sorts of different activities.

Click through our online shop and choose from dress socks, casual socks or socks for running to socks that treat chronic conditions or acute pain. Our socks come in all different colors and designs, from fun, bright and ready to make a statement to subtle, neutral and understated. Women’s ankle socks are perfect for a more conservative approach to compression socks when compared to our longer lengths of mid to over-the-calf compression socks.

Purpose of Compression Socks

Compression socks have a universal purpose—and that’s to improve blood circulation to the areas that they surround. The design allows them to move oxygen-depleted blood away from sore or overused muscles, limbs and feet and encourages the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to energize your muscles and decrease any symptoms of swelling, soreness or fatigue.

Where and When to Wear Women’s Ankle Compression Socks

There’s a time and a place to wear shorter-length compression socks—actually, make that multiple occasions. First decide what purpose you will be wearing the socks for and if they need to carry out a certain function. For example, are they for shorter distance running or marathon running? Or, are they for the days where you’re at work and on your feet?

The intensity of the activity you wear the socks for, matters. Choose a lower compression level for more leisure activities such as sitting at a desk or doing yard work outside. Compression socks will work to continually provide optimal blood flow to your feet even if you’re not necessarily moving your feet. If you’re participating in a more strenuous activity that places more impact on your joints, like running or cycling, try a pair that uphold a higher compression level. The higher-level compression works to counter the negative impacts sports and physical activity can impede on your feet. This can help you stay mobile and ready to move. At the same time, wearing compression socks after a long day on your feet, regardless if it’s high or low intensity, can help your feet recover quicker and feel refreshed due to the increased circulation.

Women’s short compression socks perfectly pair with shoes that come up right to ankle height. You can choose from low to no-show women’s ankle compression socks to match the look you’d like to achieve. Choose between louder, more bold colors for the days that you might want to put a little more pep in your step, or, opt for more neutral tones for the days that you want your shoes or outfit to take center stage.

Shop at PRO Compression

Aside from women’s ankle compression socks, PRO Compression has even more types of socks to choose from. Our over-the-calf compression socks are perfect for those who need a little more protection or want to fully experience the benefits of graduated compression technology throughout the length of their lower legs. We also have a great selection of calf and arm sleeves for more specific conditions. These sleeves work to target certain areas and provide additional support, guidance and, of course, better circulation. From women’s short compression socks to knee-high compression socks and arm sleeves, shop PRO Compression for all your compression gear needs and experience the amazing benefits along the way.

PC Runner, Lavender

PC Runner, Lavender


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Trainer Low, Black (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Black on Black (2-Pair)
PRO Compression No Show Sock | Black, 2 pairs
Trainer Low, White (2-Pair)
PRO Compression No Show Sock | White, 2 pairs
Trainer Low, Mint (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Pink (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Grey (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Royal Blue (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Purple (2-Pair)
PRO Compression Trainer Low Sock, Heather Grey
PRO Compression | Graduated Compression Socks | PC Runner, Grey with Black
Trainer Low, Kelly Green (2-Pair)
No Show Low, Mint (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Lime (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Red (2-Pair)
Trainer Low, Yellow (2-Pair)
PRO Compression | Low Ankle Socks | Trainer Low Tab Black
PRO Compression | Low Ankle Socks | Trainer Low Tab White
Trainer Low, Orange (2-Pair)
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Trainer Low Tab, Navy Blue
PRO Compression Graduated Compression Sock - Trainer Low Tab, Grey
PC Runner, White

PC Runner, White


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