5 Reasons Customers Rave About PRO Compression


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By PRO Compression

July 25, 2019

It seems like everywhere you look these days there’s a company claiming they have the greatest underwear or t-shirts or jeans ever. Well, we don’t claim our socks are “life changing” – we let our customers do that. For over 10 years, PRO Compression has been making the same high-quality compression socks right here in the USA, and we haven’t changed a thing. Why? Because our loyal customers know that our socks simply just work. Here's why they think so.


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Our socks are engineered for performance.

Sounds like catchy marketing right? Except it’s true. Every detail that goes into making a PRO Compression sock is carefully planned and thought out. The yarns, the construction, the patterns, the reinforced heel/toe box, and the wrapped arch support all contribute to the best fitting and feeling graduated compression sock on the market. Every single one of our socks is individually tested and certified by third-party laboratories here in the U.S. Can others say the same?

The “experts” are impressed by our socks

Here’s where other brands will show off with articles that mention their socks. Maybe you’ll see a bunch of logos of publications no one reads. But we prefer to let our thousands of satisfied expert customers do the talking. There’s no better way to see how good a product really is. We have over 4,600 reviews and counting confirming that people all over the world, day after day, absolutely love what our socks do for them.

We help you find the right product and fit.

Finding the perfect pair of compression socks isn’t as simple as picking your size and calling it a day. That’s why, we’re here to help. Whether it’s videos or articles educating our customers on picking the right socks, we ensure that your first experience is the right experience. We want you to love your socks so much that we encourage that you contact us before you buy your first pair – let us help you pick the perfect pair.

Style and function. No boring socks here.

These aren’t your grandma’s compression socks – but we have a pair for her, too. Forget about flesh colored stockings or black dress socks from the drugstore. We offer hundreds of bright colors and bold patterns. All tested and certified to our exacting standards, and all full of flair and style so you can express your personality. You’ll have as much fun picking out a pair as you will wearing them.

Your feet will never feel better.

At the end of the day, all the marketing jargon we could throw at you won’t make a difference. How your feet feel after wearing our socks will be all that matters. Phrases like “pain gone”, “no soreness”, and “no more swelling” can be found in review after review. Thousands upon thousands of raving customers aren’t wrong – these socks truly are “life changing!”

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