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PRO Compression socks featured on ABC | The View with Adam Glassman

The View, ABC, Jan 2022

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PRO Compression socks were featured on The View television program on ABC. Segment hosts Sunny Hostin and Adam Glassman discuss the benefits of PRO Compression socks and showcase some of our most popular styles.

See the segment here.

PRO Compression Featured on Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness, April 2021

Compression Gear Works — If you're using it correctly

Muscle & Fitness writer S.J. McShane delivers a comprehensive review of compression gear. She discusses the many benefits, how to find the right size for socks and sleeves, when to use compression gear during training and after, as well as why it's important to select quality graduated compression socks.

Read the full article on | Health | Best compression socks for 2021, March 2021

The best compression socks for 2021

c|Net health writer Amanda Capritto is searching for the best compression socks of 2021 and she puts 15 different pairs to the test. We're proud to have placed not one, but two of our socks in the Top 7 for 2021. For best all-day wear, Capritto selected our flagship Marathon Socks. Also, for best short compression socks, she chose our popular PC Racer sock.

Read Amanda's full review on here. Review of PRO Compression Elite Socks, October 2020

We tried it: Compression socks for running writer Megan Ann Wilson takes our Marathon Elite Compression Socks out for a test run and writes about her experience. She was so impressed with them during her run that she wore them after her run, in the shower, and then out to dinner! 

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PRO Compression featured in Women's Running - Favorite Compression Socks


Women's Running, September 2016

5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

Women's Running names 5 products Team WR loved, including our favorite running socks, PC Runner's by PRO Compression. As the author mentions, these technical running socks are available in amazing colors and are designed to deliver miles of comfort.

All PRO Compression socks are made in the USA. Click here for the article.

 PRO Compression featured on - Golf Compression Socks Review, August 2016

Review of PRO Compression No Show Socks

Compression and support in the right places sums up this review of the new PRO Compression No Show Socks. A true performance sock, uses the same attributes of technical running socks used by runners and multi-sport athletes. This means hours of comfortable walking during and after the round.

All PRO Compression socks are made in the USA.


SGB Media, June 2016

PRO Compression Signs Stephanie Bruce

Compression sock brand PRO Compression has signed Stephanie Bruce as a Brand Ambassador. Bruce is the first professional athlete to join PRO Compression's team of Ambassadors that includes over 100 runners throughout the U.S.

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PRO Compression in Runner's World Magazine

Runner's World Magazine, July 2016

Find out which celebrity (and dedicated runner) chooses PRO Compression for her "go to" socks. See some of her favorite patterns, too!


PRO Compression in Triathlete Magazine


Triathlete Magazine, July 2016

Profiling our Sock of the Month program, where you can always find the most exciting compression sock designs available. Add some flair to your recovery.

PRO Compression Socks and Sleeves are proudly manufactured in the USA.

 PRO Compression in LAVA Magazine

Lava Magazine, July 2016

Wearing compression ranks in the Top 6 Ways to improve your performance and recovery.