putting on compression socks

Thank you for choosing PRO Compression! We're thrilled that you have decided to purchase a pair of our graduated compression socks.

The nature of compression garments is to be tight around the joints and muscles they are supporting and our socks are no different. You'll find that putting on compression socks can be difficult if you try to do it like regular socks. Don't worry, that's normal. However, there is a right way to put on compression socks and it's important that you follow the method shown in this quick video to avoid damaging your socks–plus, it's just plain easier. 


caring for compression socks

Nearly all of our socks are made here in the USA and are tested and certified by independent laboratory to meet the stated compression ratings. For our socks to continue providing all their great benefits, it's important that you care for them properly to maintain the strength and integrity of the proprietary compression fabric. This quick video will show you how to do just that.