PRO Compression Graduated Calf Sleeves - Grab Bag, 3 Pairs

Calf Sleeve Grab Bag, 3-Pairs


If you enjoy a little mystery in your life, then our Calf Sleeve Grab Bag is the deal you've been waiting for!

Each prepackaged Grab Bag contains three pairs of top quality Calf Sleeves in randomly selected colors all in the same size, of course. Not only will the colors be a surprise, but you'll be stunned by the ridiculously low price!

The beauty of our compression calf sleeves is three-fold.

  1. They offer the same feel-good features as our over-the-calf socks, like true graduated compression, moisture control, and muscle support.
  2. Second, you get to mix-and-match them with different socks for all your different activities.
  3. The convenient easy-on, easy-off use makes them super versatile - use them on the go, at work or when recovering at home.

As with all our Grab Bag deals, we guarantee three randomly selected colors in the same size, however, bags are NOT sorted or sold by color, gender or any other criteria other than size. If you are selective about colors, please consider not ordering this Grab Bag.

In order to offer this special low price, we have to make exceptions to our normal return policies. All sales are final. NO special requests, returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted.