5 Benefits of Compressions Sleeves Every Athlete Should Know

Woman Trail Runner in Pink Compression Socks
Woman Trail Runner in Pink Compression Socks | Outdoor Athletics

If you’ve ever played or watched a sporting event, you’ve most likely encountered compression sleeves. Whether you’ve actively worn them or passively noticed them, they serve a purpose, and a big one when it comes to game time. Compression sleeves work to enhance performance in a multitude of ways. The key intention behind the unique compression technology design is to promote better blood circulation.  

Why Optimal Blood Circulation is Key for Top Athletic Performance

You may be wondering why blood circulation is such a big deal in the first place and what it really has to do with exercising. Well, when you exercise and use different muscles in your body and move your limbs and joints in the process, blood is flowing to and from these different parts of the body that are being worked. The key is to constantly feed oxygenated blood to these tissues so that they can perform and function at optimal levels.

Compression sleeves promote blood flow, meaning they work to pump blood to and from the areas of focus by applying subtle pressure. Muscles and tissues use oxygen-rich blood as fuel, then the compression sleeve helps to move deoxygenated blood back to the heart to get re-oxygenated. Once the blood flows back to the heart and refuels with more oxygen, it is pumped back out to the limbs.

Keeping blood flowing throughout the body helps to guarantee that oxygen is reaching the cells throughout the body. Cells need oxygen to survive. Think of it as energy to keep the muscles and limbs working properly. When limbs are receiving oxygenated blood, they are less likely to get fatigued, sore or swell. This helps athletes perform at their best.

Benefits of Compression Sleeves for Athletes

Working off the principles of optimizing blood circulation, here are 5 additional benefits athletes can experience by wearing compression sleeves.


Adds Protection

Compression sleeves and socks are made with a blend of synthetic fabrics that makes them thicker and more durable than the average sock. Because of their unique design, they are able to provide an added layer of protection. So, if you play soccer, for example, over-the-calf socks made with graduated compression technology will not only provide proper circulation to your legs and feet, they’ll also protect against scraps and abrasions players often experience throughout the game.

On top of protecting limbs from abrasions, compression sleeves can also protect against unnecessary strain. The added wrap around your limbs and joints helps to support and guide muscles in the direction and place they are supposed to move naturally.

Decreases Swelling

Some athletes may experience edema, which is swelling due to excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. Causes may be from excessive use of a muscle, salt retention or being on your feet for long periods of time. The side effects of swelling can be pain, stiffness, discomfort and the decreased ability to move the affected area—all of which can decrease performance during a game or practice. Compression sleeves have been proven to limit swelling by reducing swelling or preventing it completely.

Keeps You Clean

Compression sleeves also act as an added layer of clothing to keep you clean throughout your workout. If you’re doing workouts outside, they can cover up your limbs and keep the dirt at bay. The breathable fabric will still allow air to get to the skin, but will keep dirt particles out.

Helps You Stay Warm

For those days when weather can’t be an excuse to not play, compression sleeves can help you stay warm. While they work to keep the blood flow going, they also can keep the heat from leaving muscles. Keeping muscles and limbs warm will help prevent against pulled muscle and injury by keeping them stretchy and ready to move. Outdoor sports like football, baseball and track can’t stop just cause it’s cold outside, and compression sleeves act as a go-to way for athletes to layer up. 

Boost Recovery

While compression sleeves help you perform at optimal levels during the game, they can also help boost recovery after the game. Using your muscles at such an intense rate can deplete and fatigue them. After a game or a tough practice, resting is the key to recovery and building endurance in your muscles. To make this process even more efficient, try putting on compression sleeves. Not only will it help to increase the blood flow to those limbs for a speedier recovery, it can provide additional support so you won’t walk around limping. By wearing compression sleeves, you can decrease your recovery time so that you’re ready to go for the next game, with fresh muscles.

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