Do You Have a Holiday Run Planned? These Are the Running Socks for You

Do You Have a Holiday Run Planned? These Are the Running Socks for You


Traditionally, holiday celebrations meant parties, gift exchanges and dinners with family and friends. Recently, though, more and more people have been expanding their holiday festivities to include physical activities. Popular fun-runs like the ugly sweater run or a Santa-themed 5k race have popped up in cities and towns all across the country. We couldn’t be more excited about it.

Even though these are runs are supposed to be fun and encourage bonding, they still take a toll on your body. You should treat them just as you would any other training day and wear the right gear. Bring your compression running socks to keep yourself from painful soreness and uncomfortable swelling. And don’t worry — you don’t have to get stuck with boring running socks. We offer a selection of fun and colorful compression socks to help you show off your festive holiday spirit. Keep reading to learn where to buy compression socks, why you should buy them and what styles you can choose from.

Choosing the Right Running Socks

Socks are as much an expression of your personality as any other piece of clothing. Different runners need different things from their running socks, and we make sure we have a pair for every preference. We’ve designed a running socks style for everyone, including those who take their training seriously and those who just want a reliable pair for their winter runs, work fun runs or just their family’s Christmas Classic.

The best way to decide what running socks are right for you? Try them all. Only experience will tell you exactly what you need from your own running socks. But if you want to narrow down what options to choose from, let us help you.

Low Running Socks

Low running socks concentrate all the compression into your feet. Because your feet are the farthest from your heart, they tend to get swollen first. Avoid that uncomfortable feeling by wearing compression running socks on your holiday run. Choose from our three low running socks options.

Trainer Low running socks will cover your ankles and show the outside of your shoes, but with colorful compression socks, that might be exactly the kind of pop of color you want!

Our No-Show running socks are designed to stay hidden no matter what running shoes you wear. Most prefer these no-show running socks for days when they want to run errands or head to work after their run.

Or try our PC Runner running socks that come just below your ankle. Get the extra support you need without showing too much of your running socks.

No matter what you prefer, we’ve got colorful compression socks ready for you. Choose from a few different color combos to make sure you have enough for all your holiday runs!

Mid Running Socks

Our mid running socks take the same compression designs from our low running socks but extend it past your ankle for more support and better blood circulation. Not to mention, with a mid-rise running sock, you get to have a little fun showing off your bright color choices! Choose from a solid red color to add to your Santa theme or pick a bright neon color to add a bit of personality. No matter which colorful compression socks you choose, we guarantee other runners will love your look!

Over-the-Calf Marathon Running Socks

To give you the most compression benefits during your holiday run, try a pair of . These happen to be our most popular sock due to the constantly growing abundance of styles and colors we offer. Not only will your legs feel better after a run, but you’ll also stand out in all the group photos. You can mix and match a couple of colors by choosing two pairs of colorful compression socks. Your whole group can pick a theme to wear to show camaraderie during the run, or you can choose the brightest pair, so everyone knows exactly where you are on the run. Whatever you decide, the benefits of our running socks stay the same. You’ll prevent swelling, your legs will feel great and the soreness you might expect after a 5k run will reduce dramatically.

For those who like to blend into the background instead of standing out, try a pair of PC Dress over-the-calf socks. They might not be bold and bright, but they will give your muscles and joints the support you need to complete your run. Sometimes, that’s all we need from a pair of running socks. Running-socks-can-make-a-world-of-difference-after-a-holiday-fun-run

Benefits of Compression Running Socks

Maybe this is your first holiday fun-run and you’re not sure if compression running socks are right for you. We understand completely. This is supposed to be a playful run and not an exhausting afternoon of training. The truth is, compression socks offer benefits to anyone regardless of activity level.

Our colorful compression socks are designed to be more than fashion statements. The Graduated Compression design helps promote blood circulation to your feet, preventing swelling, soreness and muscle fatigue. These are things that can happen to everyone, from gym enthusiasts to those of us who sit at our desks all day at work. Your body is constantly working against gravity to pump blood to your lower extremities and any extra help you can give to support your heart, the better. Proper blood circulation increases muscle recovery, ensuring you feel fresh and pain-free day after day. That’s important while you’re on a run and every day after.

A Variety of Colorful Compression Socks

While we are proud of our wide variety of colorful compression socks, we know that you can’t wear the same color combination for every holiday run! If this is going to be your newest tradition, you need choices.

Our designers work hard to bring new colors to our line of running socks every month. You can count on the same quality Graduated Compression design and high-quality, moisture resistant material. We just make sure to upgrade new colors every month to keep your sock game strong. Come back every few weeks to see what new colors and styles we’ve added. Who knows, you could find your new favorite pair!

Additional Compression Benefits

Don’t feel like you’re confined to running socks to show off your colorful holiday spirit this season! PRO Compression also offers colorful arm compression sleeves for your upper body. Use the Graduated Compression design to keep your arms strong enough to feed yourself as many holiday treats as you want! Match with your running socks or add a bright new color to your race outfit. You can even try our bright white arm compression sleeves to add your own designs and team slogans for race day. If you do choose to wear PRO Compression running socks and arm sleeves, be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to see your holiday spirit!