Create the Ultimate Squad Goals with These Running Socks

Create the Ultimate Squad Goals with These Running Socks


Nothing excites us more than the rise in fun runs across the country. Especially during the holidays, themed fun runs are an awesome alternative to holiday parties filled with sweets and cocktails. While those are definitely fun, life is all about balance. Fun runs are a great way to get together with your friends and family, participate in a community event and still stay active.

Plus, what’s more fun than dressing up for a themed celebration with your favorite people? To make sure your squad not only looks good, but also feels good, grab matching pairs of running socks for your next group 5k!

How to Perform Better with Running Socks 

Although most holiday runs are just for fun, the length of the run can still take a toll on your body without the right support. Even if you avoid running at your full potential, you could experience swelling or soreness as soon as an hour after the event.

By wearing a pair of compression running socks, you can avoid any painful side effects of a long run. Since no one wants to sit out of the post-run celebrations, putting on these socks is an easy decision.

Benefits of Running Socks

If you’re wondering how wearing a pair of running socks can actually help you avoid the painful swelling and soreness usually associated with long runs, we can explain. All of the PRO Compression socks are designed with Graduated Compression. This means, as your running socks get farther away from your heart, they start to feel tighter and tighter. We do this for a specific reason. 

When you’re upright, your body has a more difficult time pushing the blood back to your heart. Gravity and other factors make the journey more difficult than pumping the blood down to your toes. After a while, your blood starts to pool at your feet and that’s when you experience swelling. The tightness of compression running socks makes it so the blood is boosted back up towards your heart and prevented from staying stagnant.

More than better circulation, compression running socks can also provide extra support for the motions your legs go through while running. The small ligaments in your foot need extra support during long runs, and the tight compression in running socks keeps your movements natural and efficient so you can lower the risk of injury.

But the real reason people love to buy from PRO Compression is because of our colorful compression socks. We take pride in producing some of the brightest and boldest designs, so your entire running squad can stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the Right Running Socks for Your Squad Get-colorful-running-socks-for-the-whole-family

Before you buy your pair of colorful compression socks, there are a few details to consider. First, you want to think about what kinds of aches and pains you usually feel after a big run. Everyone reacts to exercise differently, so what works for you might not work for someone else in your squad. Have no fear, though. No matter which style you choose, there will be a selection of bright, beautiful colors to select from, so everyone looks great. 

Low Running Socks 

Low running socks are designed not to show over your shoes. These are perfect for everyday wear, or as a subtle accent to whatever wild outfit you choose for your holiday fun run. People love the extra padding that is available with low-cut running socks. Especially for long runs, that extra comfort can make your experience so much better during those final miles.

Low running socks won’t apply compression to any of your lower body muscles, so keep that in mind if you tend to be tight and sore in your calf muscles. Low running socks might not be the best choice for you.

Mid Running Socks 

Mid running socks extend to the bottom of your calf muscle. This option is great for people who are looking for a little extra ankle support during their runs. The compression design will help keep you stable, particularly if you’re running on trails or uneven pavement. If you’re worried about how your ankle will hold up during a long run, try wearing mid running socks. As an added bonus, you can show off the bold colors on these socks.

Over-the-Calf Running Socks

We also offer over-the-calf running socks for people who want all the benefits of our Graduated Compression designs. These socks will offer support and extra blood circulation from the arches of your foot to your knee. If your squad is looking to stand out by wearing bright, bold colors during the run, these are your best option. You’re guaranteed to look and feel good. There’s no better combination than that!

Where to Buy Compression Socks for Your Squad 

This holiday, if you’re planning on gathering with your friends to go for an official fun run, or you just want to get out and run around your neighborhood, make sure you wear your compression running socks. They’ll keep you supported during your run, speed up your recovery time so you can keep the celebration going and make you look good.

Browse through our entire collection of running socks to find your next favorite pair. Everyone can match with the same pair, or you can buy a bunch and encourage everyone to swap colors. The more playful your outfit, the more fun your run will be! Just make sure to take pictures of you and all your friends in your running socks. We’ll be looking for them on our Facebook and Instagram!