Wearing Calf Compression Sleeves:  Benefits  in the Workplace

Wearing Calf Compression Sleeves:  Benefits  in the Workplace

Think about the amount of time you spend working throughout a lifetime. Often times, people look forward to the end of a long day at work where they can kick back and relax. But why wait until you’re done or clocked out for a sense of comfort? Calf compression sleeves can bring you continual comfort throughout your workday. The following are some workplace occupations where calf compression technology can truly be beneficial.  

Calf compression sleeves can make the front desk job exponentially more comfortable during a long day at the office.

Office Receptionist 

As a receptionist, you are the first point of contact for many people that enter the office, whether it be visitors or employees. That means constantly being alert and looking at ease, ready to greet and assist whoever may need youattention. The downside of being a receptionist though is having to sit for long periods of time. In order to encourage continual circulation in your lower limbs, try wearing calf compression sleeves or socks. This can fight stiff joints and numbing in your legs that are often caused by not moving enough.  

Mail or Package Delivery Person  

Those in the postal service industry or on the fulfillment end of e-commerce understand the high demands of getting mail or a package delivered. Not only do packages need to be delivered within a certain time frame, but the job also requires excessive walking and weight-bearing moves. As you move from door to door, you may find it helpful to throw on some calf sleeves. They can provide added support to your muscles as you shift your knees and feet on a constant basis. For example, when you bend down to lift a package, an over-the-calf compression sock can keep your muscles aligned to prevent any unnecessary strain while executing any weight-bearing movements. At the same time, constantly getting up from a sitting position in a vehicle to walk to a doorstep can cause the legs to get sore. Compression sleeves help to reduce soreness by bringing oxygen-rich blood to the limbs and energizing them for the next move.  

Food Service Industry Worker  

Whether your front of house or back of house staff, when you’re in the food service or restaurant industry, you are on your feet for most of your shift. Cooks in the kitchen rarely get a chance to sit, while bartenders and servers are typically only allowed to sit during breaks. Long periods of standing and being on your feet can make your lower limbs swell as muscles fatigue. To counter swollen legs and feet, wear compression socks while you’re on the clock. The graduated compression technology built into the design helps to reduce swelling by applying a specific amount of pressure in certain parts of the limbs, which encourages ideal circulation and blood flow in and out of the area.  

 Salon Stylist    

Those who work at a salon, whether it be nailor hair, can also benefit from wearing compression socks. For nail salon workers, sitting all day can cause poor circulation. And for hairstylists, the nature of the job calls for you to stand on your feet for majority of the day in order to cut and style hair properly. Calf compression socks in this realm can work to improve blood flow to your muscles and joints that either doesn’t see enough action during the day or sees too much. The bottom line result is to freshly energize legs so you can continue to work throughout the day in comfort.  

 Hospital Staff 

Hospital staff are at the beck and call of their patients—and their number one priority is to tend to the needs of those who seek medical help. That means they are constantly on the go, on their feet and moving from one emergency to the next. If you’re a nurse, doctor or medical technician, compression sleeves don’t just have to be for your patients recovering from surgery. You can benefit from the specialty sock as well. By fighting off muscle fatigue and soreness that may build up during long stretches of timecalf compression socks can keep your limbs feeling fresh as you move from patient to patient.  

Those who work in the medical industry can benefit from calf compression sleeves.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  

Pharmaceutical sales reps may work the room when they’re trying to get their product into doctor offices, but the less glamorous part of the job can be the commute. Often times, a medical or pharmaceutical sales representative is given a territory that spans hundreds and thousands of miles. Extended periods of driving and sitting in the car are a major part of the job. And when you’re forced to sit in a car for hours at a time, there’s no room or opportunity for much movement. Decreased blood circulation can actually pose long term health issues if it’s constantly happening. To ensure that your legs are getting enough oxygenated blood flowing to them, wear calf compression socks during the workday. It’ll reduce stiffness in your limbs so you can hop out of the car with ease to your next meeting and close the deal.  

Calf Compression Sleeves Bring Workplace Benefits  

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