Calf Compression Sleeve Uses Outside of the Everyday Athlete

Calf Compression Sleeve Uses Outside of the Everyday Athlete

While there are so many different reasons why athletes turn to calf compression and arm sleeves to enhance their game, there are also so many different ways to use compression sleeves outside of the world of sports. All walks of life can benefit from using compression sleeves. From someone suffering with a chronic disease like diabetes or a person recovering from surgery, to a bartender who’s on their feet all day, just about anyone has something to gain from the wonders of the graduated compression design. Check out the following ways calf compression gear can add to your life.  


Injury Prevention 

There are a lot of situations where the risk of injury can be high. Whether it’s working out for the first time in a while or experiencing the effects of aging on the body, you can never really predict when you might strain a muscle or accidentally trip, fall or bruise and nick your legs. But what you can do is try your best to prevent accidental injury from occurring. Calf compression sleeves can come in handy in scenarios where you feel more prone to injury. For example, if you’re hiking an unknown terrain, slip on compression sleeves for added support. They can prevent your joints and muscles from overextending. Or for those days when you’re doing work on the house, scrubbing the tub or fixing up the yard, calf compression sleeves can cover your legs from any accidental scraps or bruises you might get while moving around.  



Constant Comfort 

Calf compression sleeves provide overall comfort for the legs thanks to the compression technology woven in their design. By applying a slight amount of pressure to the limbs, compression sleeves can work to improve better circulation. If you often experience numbing in your limbs due to poor circulation, calf compression sleeves and arm sleeves can promote more blood flow to those areas of the body. As a result, you experience more comfort throughout your day. Those with arthritis can also gain comfort from arm sleeves and calf compression sleeves. Because of the added support they provide and improved circulation, compression sleeves work to reduce pain when arthritis symptoms act up.  

Reduced Swelling 

Swollen legs can be uncomfortable, painful and immobilizing. Different conditions may cause fluid build-up in your legs, including diabetes, standing for long periods of time or injury to the leg. In order to decrease this, slip on a calf compression sleeve. It works to reduce swelling in the leg by gently pushing fluid out from the area of impact and bringing oxygenated blood to the limbs so that it can decrease inflammation.  

Improved Motor Function  

Your ability to move around can be affected by multiple factors. Perhaps you worked out the day before and are experiencing muscle soreness that’s making it hard to even stand up, or maybe you’ve been sitting in an office chair all day and the lack of movement has made you limbs stiff—whatever the case, calf compression sleeves can help improve motor functioning by constantly ensuring better circulation in the legs. So, if your muscles are so sore that they are impacting your ability to move around as usual, put on compression sleeves to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area to energize those limbs to move. For those who have to sit for long periods of time, be it the desk job or for travel, compression sleeves can work on your legs even when you’re sitting down to help blood circulate to the limbs even if you aren’t moving them. Aside from improving your motor function by boosting circulation, compression sleeves additionally assist your muscles when they are in action. The design works to support your intended movements and guide your muscles in the direction that they are supposed to move.    


Arm sleeves and calf compression sleeves can protect you in various ways. For one, they can work as an added barrier against UV rays that might hit your skin on a sunny day. For colder days, they can help keep your muscles warm thanks to the physical layer they add as well as the constant circulation they promote. Compression sleeves also protect you from overstraining muscles because of their snug design that safeguards limbs from overextension.  

Optimized Recovery  

Those who have just had surgery on their legs or arms can benefit greatly from compression sleeves. During recovery and rehabilitation, calf compression sleeves and arm sleeves work to expedite the healing process by constantly delivering freshly oxygenated blood to the limbs to repair tissue. They also help to decrease inflammation which can help speed up the rehabilitation process and get you back on your feet sooner.  

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