Upper Body Compression: Arm Sleeves for Everyday Use

Upper Body Compression: Arm Sleeves for Everyday Use

If you’ve ever experienced the benefits of over-the-calf compression socks, you understand that graduated compression technology is something truly special. While these particular stockings provide multiple benefits to the body’s lower limbs, the same design can be incorporated into arm sleeves, which means your upper body can experience the magic of compression as well. Here’s how compression arm sleeves for men and women work and how you can use them in everyday activities to serve a positive purpose.  


Compression Technology in Arm Sleeves 

Compression technology refers to the specific way in which a garment has been designed to improve body movement and performanceArm sleeves that are designed with this particular compression science in mind helps your body achieve different goals.  

The main function of the design is to improve overall blood circulation to the upper body limbs that the arm sleeves are wrapped around. The slight pressure that is applied to the skin and arm encourages oxygen-depleted blood to travel through the veins and towards the heart to get re-oxygenated. The blood is then delivered back through the arteries towards the limbs as oxygen-rich blood that provides energy for the local muscles targeted.  

Another way in which compression arm sleeves work is to help improve overall form. The fabric works as a guide for arm joints and muscles to follow, and keeps any outlandish movements contained within the proper range of motion. Additionally, your upper body experiences an extra level of support when arm sleeves are worn. And because of the pairing of compression and increased oxygen flow towards the muscles, compression sleeves are also beneficial for reducing swelling in muscles and joints due to excessive use or chronic medical conditions. This makes upper limbs more primed to take on daily activities, or recover from tough athletic training.  

Some secondary functions of the compression arm sleeve design can be just as important to a person depending on their needs. One major benefit is that arm sleeves can act as an added layer of protection. For training in rough terrains or under the hot sun, thicker compression arm sleeve fabric can not only provide support during excessive movement but can also act as a protective barrier – think army crawls during boot camp training or sunny days when you need an extra layer of UV protection.  

Compression arm sleeves are also built to help regulate body temperature. The blend of synthetic fabric used in its design along with its ability to continually boost optimal circulation to the arms allows it to keep your limbs at the ideal temperature. So, whatever work you’re doing at the moment, be it scrubbing the bathtub or playing basketball, the compression arm sleeves work to adjust to the situation.   

Better circulation within the limbs can lead to better muscle performance and function thanks to reduced soreness and improved recovery time. This benefit can be particularly important to athletes training for various goals and games. Compression arm sleeves also help prevent upper body muscles from cramping because of the increased oxygen being directed towards the targeted areas. 

Ways to Wear Compression Arm Sleeves 


It’s important to note that compression arm sleeves are designed with different levels of compression. The higher the compression level, the more intense the compression design will act upon your arm. So, if you just need a bit of support for everyday use that only requires a moderate amount of activity, a lower compression level will likely be a better fit. On the other hand, professional athletes or those training at a higher intensity should look to arm sleeves that hold a higher compression level. More compression can match the level of intensity your muscles and upper limbs are working at, which means they can endure being worked harder and longer.  

Everyday Activities & Low Compression Arm Sleeves 

You can wear different compression arm sleeves in different contexts—there’s something for just about every activity. For example, if your job requires light but repeated lifting and use of the arms, such as working at a restaurant, low compression arm sleeves can give you constant support throughout the shift. Arm sleeves are also very useful for anyone who has just had surgery for a broken arm. Compression technology not only provides added support for you to increase strength in the impacted area, but also helps to speed up recovery thanks to its ability to send freshly oxygenated blood to the arm for repair.  

High-Intensity Activities & High Compression Arm Sleeves 

Athletes that use their upper body more frequently will also appreciate the benefits of compression arm sleeves. From swim recovery to providing support in your next golf swing, baseball pitch or bicep curl, high compression arm sleeves are a go-to for essentially anyone who is physically active at a more intense degree.  

Compression Arm Sleeves from PRO Compression  

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Our arm sleeves are made to provide proper support to your arm muscles and joints and boost better blood circulation to the upper body, while still allowing you to have a full range of motion.  

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