How To Put On Compression Socks, The Easy Way

Man putting on compression socks

Graduated compression socks can help you power through workouts, but it doesn't have to BE a workout to put them on. Use the PRO inside-out method for putting on compression socks and stockings to save yourself the time and frustration of twisting, pulling, and, you won't find yourself wondering if you ordered the right size socks!


New to Wearing Graduated Compression Socks?


If you’re new to wearing over-the-calf compression socks, you might notice that they don’t just slip on like regular socks.


Graduated compression socks are supposed to be tight. And keeping it tight does not mean keeping it uncomfortable!


View our easy How-To video (below) to learn more. After viewing the video, be sure to take a look at our Newest Arrivals Collection for the latest and greatest!


Learn How to Put on Compression Socks Easily [video]:



The secret to putting on a pair of knee-high graduated compression socks without breaking a sweat is the inside out method shown in our helpful video (great to save and revisit). 


Step One: Palm to Heel

With the bottom of the sock facing you, reach your arm into the sock until your palm is flush with the heel. Pinch the heel between your thumb and fingers like you’re making a sock puppet.


Step Two: Flip Inside Out

While holding the heel, pull the top of the sock down and inside out, stopping when you reach your thumb. This will leave a bootie that you can easily slip your foot into.


Step Three: Sock Over Foot

Place your foot inside the sock and pull it up over your heel. Then pinch the outer layer of the sock at the toe and work it up over your ankle and shin as far as it will go.


Step Four: Sock to Knee

Grab the top band of the sock and pull it up to your knee. The top of the sock should fall about two finger-widths below your knee joint. Don’t pull it up over your knee, and never roll the top of the sock if it is too long.


Step Five: Stretch & Smooth

Adjust the sock by folding or pushing it down and back to the knee. This should stretch and straighten it out. Smooth out the wrinkles, and you’re ready to go!


How to Put on Compression Socks On the Easy Way

More PRO Tips for Putting on Compression Socks


Difficulty with compression socks can be discouraging, leading people to wear them less often or give up on them altogether.


"They’re too hard to put on" should never be an excuse to miss out on the therapeutic benefits of compression socks!


Here are more helpful tips to help you make the most out of compression socks: 


1. Put compression socks on in the morning.

If you wear compression socks for swelling in your ankles and legs, the best time to put them on is first thing in the morning. Since you’ve been horizontal, there’s likely less swelling than there will be later in the day.


If you’ve already been up and about, sit back down with your legs elevated for a spell before putting on your compression socks for best results.

2. Get Comfortable.

Most people find it easiest to reach their feet while sitting on a chair or the side of a bed. Some prefer to sit on the floor. Find a position that’s the most naturally comfortable for you.


If you have a hard time getting into the right position due to a handicap or injury, consider enlisting the aid of a sock donner and always consult your doctor to learn what's best for you.

3. Smooth Out the Wrinkles.

Wrinkled compression socks don’t just look sloppy; they can also negatively affect your circulation. Smooth out wrinkles from the bottom up rather than yanking on the top band. If the sock is twisted, it’s often better to take it off and start over rather than struggling to untwist us!


After you have the foot in place, roll the top of the sock down to the ankle and then back up again to smooth out wrinkles. Adjust the sock comfortably so that the PRO Compression logo is in the front (or back, depending on the design).


Girl stretching wearing compression socks

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re a triathlete, an RN (registered nurse), or a senior, the right technique can help you get the most out of knee-high compression socks. It might take a few tries, but soon putting on PRO Compression socks will be part of your daily routine.


Follow the steps here in our helpful guide to avoid feeling like you’ve been through a workout before you even start your routine!

Compression Socks for Every-body

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