PRO Ambassador Daniell

PRO Ambassador Daniell

We are fortunate to have so many amazing Ambassadors. Daniell lives in the California Central Valley and is a regular at many California races. She was kind enough to share a few things about herself, her love of the sport and goals.

What do you love most about running? 

I love that running has brought my husband and I so much closer since it is something we are both interested in. We love that we can take quick little getaways for races, get to have fun and be fit together. We also love the community that comes with running. Everyone I have been lucky enough to meet because of this lone sport has been so amazing!

Do you have a favorite race distance?

I really like the half marathon distance. The training isn’t too daunting and it is something I can incorporate with my run streak.

Many PC Ambassadors have a favorite race. What's yours?

I would have to say the Disneyland Half over Labor Day weekend. It was my first half marathon back in 2013 and I have run it every year since.

Any goals you’d like to share with the world? 

I am really, really hoping for a 2:05 half. Eventually I’d like to even get that sub 2-hour time.

What interested you in becoming a PRO Compression Ambassador?

I love the socks and they are something I have worn every day since I started my run streak in 2014. The designs and colors are always so fun, which makes for fun conversations and great pieces for my outfits!

The question everyone wants to know: Favorite Pair of Compression Socks (or Sleeves)? Yes, you have to choose ONE.

This is tough, but right now, my current favorite would have to be the Neon Candy! I love all the colors, they are so bright and fresh and they go with everything.

Thanks so much, Daniell. We're so happy to have you on the Team!

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