Tips For Managing Exercise During The Hot Summer Months

The official "first day of summer" was June 21 and current weather conditions seem to agree as quickly rising temperatures are here!

Among many things, you might notice your exercise times are slowing down and what typically seems like an easy day can suddenly feel like a huge effort. Help your body acclimate to the heat with the following tips:

Work Out in the Heat: yes, do as many of your workouts as possible outdoors to begin adjusting to the rising temperatures.  

Slow Down: once the temperatures start to rise, chances are you will not be able to maintain the same training numbers you were achieving during your winter and spring training. Your body will adapt, just give it time.

Stay Hydrated: before, during and after. Keep in mind you will lose more water and electrolytes in the heat. Another good tip is to incorporate more electrolytes and salt into your diet during this time.

Sunscreen: the sun's ultraviolet rays are harmful and damaging to our skin. Protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays. Choose a quality product with higher SPF rating.

Train safe, train smart and enjoy the long, warm days of summer. Make a few minor adjustments and enjoy your warm weather workouts. Remember to wear your favorite pair of PRO Compression socks for training and recovery.

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