Why You Don’t Have to Be a Seasoned Athlete to Benefit from a Compression Sock



Despite popular opinion, wearing a compression sock isn’t just for athletes. People tend to think that they need to be high-performing, professional athletes or participate in long, intense training sessions in order to see any improvement from a compression sock. We’re here to debunk that myth.

Wearing a compression sock helps no matter what activities you do throughout the day. In fact, one of the best times to wear your compression socks is while you’re resting on the couch or sleeping at night. Don’t be intimidated by who you see wearing compression products. We make them so that everyone can feel the benefits in their daily lives!

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are a lot like regular socks except for one key difference. Where regular socks can fit loosely around your ankle or your entire foot, a compression sock is designed to fit tightly against your skin. They can be so tight that some people even struggle to put them on if it’s their first pair.

A compression sock isn’t tight just for the sake of being tight. They’re designed to be snug in specific places so that you can move better throughout your day and feel better at night when you finally relax. How do we do it? We use a design called Graduated Compression for each one of our compression sock pairs.

Graduated Compression design means that the pressure of the compression isn’t consistent throughout the entire sock. Because you need tighter compression on the parts of your body that are furthest from your heart, you’ll find that your compression sock is tightest around the bridge of your foot. The pressure should gradually decrease as it moves over your ankle and up your calf muscle. This does more than promote better blood flow. It also makes for a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Benefits of a Compression Sock

Understanding Graduated Compression design is important for understanding, and being able to identify, the benefits of wearing your compression sock. The most popular benefit for athletes is the boosted recovery time. When you exert your muscles, whether through a high-intense workout or a long shift at work, they need time to repair themselves in order to prevent injury or fatigue. The most vital element to recovery is increased blood flow. Your muscles use the oxygen and vitamins supplied by your blood to repair the tiny tears that happen with workouts. This cycle gives them strength and keeps them from getting too fatigued.

But there are benefits beyond muscle recover — benefits that are more useful for the average person rather than a serious athlete. A compression sock can also give you the right support at the exact place you need it. Particularly if you spend a lot of time on your feet, walking from place to place, you can use your compression sock to support your movements so you’re always walking the correct way. Incorrect movements frequently lead to injury or daily pain. You can avoid that familiar pain of your feet “killing you” at the end of the day by wearing your compression socks.

Your compression sock will also help prevent uncomfortable swelling. By promoting consistent blood flow, your compression sock won’t allow your blood to pool around your ankles, causing pain and swelling. As an added bonus, we make our compression sock line out of the very best materials, so you’re getting the benefits of compression and the comfort of a superior sock. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t be wearing a compression sock all day, every day!

Where Could A Compression Sock Help You?


Now that you know the benefits, let’s talk about the places where it would make sense for you to wear a compression sock. Of course, not all situations will work for everyone, but we’re confident that you’ll be able to find one place where you could really benefit from the help of a compression sock.

At Work

People who spend all day standing on their feet can most certainly benefit from wearing a compression sock. From those who work in retail and spend the day helping customers, to people who work in hospitals and need to be on the go constantly, and even teachers who are holding lectures will benefit tremendously from a pair of our socks. Prevent swelling, keep your ankle supported and reduce the pain you feel at the end of the day by wearing a pair of compression socks.

At the Gym

You don’t have to be an athlete or someone who is training for a big marathon to use a compression sock at the gym. It might actually be better for someone who isn’t a seasoned athlete to rely on compression socks for recovery and support. Especially during the beginning of the year when you’re trying to reach your fitness goals, it’s important to keep your muscles from getting fatigued. Invest in a pair of our compression socks to make sure you never miss one of your training sessions due to overly sore muscles.

During Family Outings

Another opportunity to wear compression socks is during big family outings. A compression sock can be helpful for everything from a trip to your favorite theme park to a hike through your favorite national park. You should even consider wearing a pair during a long road trip where you’re sitting down. Depending on what kind of seats you have or how crammed the car is, your legs could be bent in a way that restricts blood flow. When you put on a compression sock, you’ll get that extra push you need to keep your blood flowing and prevent uncomfortable swelling. The good news is compression socks are safe for all ages, so you can get a pair for yourself and one for each of your children. In that case, we suggest getting different colors for every family member. It’s good to be bright and colorful everywhere you show up!

 Relaxing at Home

Lastly, you can put on a pair of compression socks while you’re relaxing at home to promote the kind of recovery you need after a long day. If you forget to pack your compression sock in your gym bag or you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes to wear them to work, you can still get all the benefits of compression if you put them on when you get home at night. Feel free to wear them overnight if you want. That’s when your muscles are doing most of their recovery and the extra boost from the compression will just make that recovery faster.

 How A PRO Compression Sock Is Different

We take pride in offering a wide selection of compression socks for our customers. We don’t want to offer the same white or black socks. Our design team works hard to offer you bright colorful compression socks that will get you excited to put them on and show them off. With our comfortable, moisture-wicking material, our socks keep your feet dry and supported no matter when you’re wearing them.

If you’re ready to purchase your first pair, browse our entire line of compression socks, including three different sizes. You may also be interested in our arm compression sleeves, which offer all the benefits of a compression sock, just for your arms instead of your legs. Try them in as many colors as you like. We believe looking good is half the fun!