Why Your Personal Trainer is Recommending Compression Arm Sleeves

Why Your Personal Trainer is Recommending Compression Arm Sleeves

A good personal trainer will look to get your body in the best shape possible, and in the most efficient manner. Personal trainers are constantly figuring out ways to maximize their clients’ workouts so that they can achieve optimal results. So, when you’re training, this means putting your muscles in such a position that they are able to perform at to their top ability. Compression arm sleeves, compression socks for running and compression gear are frequently recommended for anyone training for a sport or for personal fitness gains. Check out the following reasons why your personal trainer is recommending compression sleeves.


Delivers Oxygen to Your Limbs

The science behind compression arm sleeves and socks is simple but efficient. Compression sleeves are made with a blend of synthetic fabric that apply a gentle amount of pressure on the area of the body that they wrap around. This subtle compression is applied with the intention of stimulating an increased flow of oxygen rich blood to a targeted area. It does this by slightly increasing blood pressure in the wrapped area so that more blood gets pumped to that specific part of the body. More oxygen fuels muscles and helps them avoid fatigue—that way you can train longer and remain strong throughout your workout routine or games.

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Regulates Your Body Temperature

When you’re grinding out a workout, the body can easily overheat. Suppose you’re lifting weights. By wearing a compression arm sleeve, you can keep your upper-body temperature regulated. This is due to the compression sleeve’s ability to draw moisture away from your skin, which helps counter increasing body temperature as you work out. The balance helps athletes stay at an optimal temperature which translates to more comfort during workouts.

Provides Support to Joints and Muscles

With compression arm sleeves and socks, your muscles can move more efficiently. They provide a support for joints and limbs during a challenging training session. By keeping muscles subtly compressed, they can move in their intended path of motion without straying away. This focused direction and guidance the compression sleeve encourages allows you to do your workouts as they were designed. The increased blood circulation also keeps your muscles and joints energized during the entire workout so you can obtain the most gains.

Improves Recovery

Training hard means you will endure pain, fatigue and mental frustration. While compression arm sleeves and socks can help push you through a challenging session, they can be just as beneficial to wear post-workout. Recovery is the key to getting better and closer to your goals. The ability compression sleeves have to constantly deliver oxygenated blood to the parts of the body you work helps improve recovery time. Additionally, compression gear also fights swelling and inflammation of muscles by guiding deoxygenated blood away from the limbs and delivering oxygen-rich blood to muscles. Continually wearing compression sleeves after tough training sessions will help your body recover more quickly, reduce soreness and build endurance over time.   

Prevents Injury

Compression arm sleeves can work like a brace or bandage to protect you against injury. They act as a guide for your muscles by only allowing you to move your body to a certain degree and in a manner that is safe. This support system helps you avoid overextension and unnatural movements which can set you back in training. 

Protects Against Outside Factors

For those who train outdoors on a constant basis, compressions arm sleeves and compressions socks for running can act as another layer of UV protection. When you forget to put on sunscreen or sweat it off, that’s where compression gear can come into play. Compression sleeves can also protect your skin from unwanted scraps and cuts from different types of workouts that involve ground work. And when it’s colder outside but you still have to train, compressions gear can help keep your muscles warm due to the increased circulation and blood flow to the limbs. 

Reduce Stress on Your Muscles


Weight lifting is often a big aspect in various training regimens. This type of workout can put a lot of stress on muscles and joints. Compression sleeves work together with your muscles in a way that takes the pressure off them. For example, compression knee sleeves can help protect your knees when doing squats that continue to increase the amount of weight on them. By alleviating some of the strain on your lower limbs that comes with this type of weightlifting move, you avoid unnecessary injury from the repeated stress placed on the kneecaps.

Compression Arm Sleeves and Socks Every Trainer Can Recommend

It’s time to up your game when it comes to training and put on compression gear during your next sweat session. Every trainer can attest to the great benefits compression sleeves and socks and provide for anyone trying to get in shape or training for a sport. From guiding your muscles in the right direction, energizing them with increased blood circulation, reducing stress on joints, assisting in the recovery time after tough workouts and protecting your limbs from injury, compression gear is the way to optimize your workouts.

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PRO Compression Arm Sleeves for Fitness, Working Out, Gym, Weights, Crossfit