PC Dress, Limon Melange

$25.00 USD
Size - (Compression Rating: 15-20mmHg)
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If knee-high, striped socks have ever been your thing, you're sure to love the Limon Melange! From knee to toe, grey, yellow, and blue stripes set the mood for a fun day!

Several key features contribute to the incredible comfort and support that you will blissfully experience anytime you wear our PC Dress Socks:

  • True Graduated Compression – promotes healthy circulation
  • Tapered Toe Construction – for the perfect fit without hot spots or bunching in your shoes
  • Dynamic Arch Compression –provides a secure, stable, and comfortable fit for as long as you have them on
  • Anatomical Leg Construction – varied knitting tensions throughout the leg to provide the perfect fit and socks that will stay up all day
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          Proprietary blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex. Contains NO Latex, BPA, or PFAS (forever chemicals).

          Made in USA.

          • Machine or hand wash cold
          • Line dry
          • Do not iron

          Why Compression Socks?

        • Enhance circulation and blood-flow
        • Boost peak performance levels
        • Support critical muscles and tendons during exercise
        • Minimize soreness and speed recovery
        • Reduce swelling and fight fatigue
        • Why PRO Compression?

          It's no mystery why we're known for making the best compression socks and sleeves on the market. When you do something well, people tend to take note.

        • Expertly designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support for everyone, from athletes to everyday wearers.
        • Comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant fabrics.
        • Independently tested and certified for stated compression ratings.
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