Failed New Year's Resolutions? Regain Your Motivation and Reach Your Goals

Failed New Year's Resolutions? Regain Your Motivation and Reach Your Goals

At the beginning of 2018, you were hungry for a better body, a leaner physique, and frankly, an all-around healthier version of you. All you could think about were your fitness goals of looking better on the beach, walking prouder and taller, and feeling energetic and confident in everything you do.  Your plan was a solid one:  At the start of the new year, you were to be a new you – a healthier eater, a focused exerciser, and a better you with renewed discipline and a strong focus on your fitness and health goals.

So here we are months later, well after the date that you thought you’d now be a fitter, leaner you. Did it happen?  Or, did that energy and focus slowly get traded in for more and more cheat days, comfort food, or skipped workouts?  You’re only human, but if you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to that New Years enthusiasm then it’s time to take charge once again and get back on the wagon, re-invigorated and back to the consistency and motivation you had earlier in the year.

Re-connecting with your fitness goals and exercise schedule can actually be a lot easier than you might think, so take this next part to heart:  There is a very direct relationship between your personal hype-engine and the decisions you make.  When you’re fired up and passionate about your fitness (or about any of your goals, frankly), you just plain make it happen because getting side-tracked is no longer enjoyable.  Side-tracking is only enjoyable when your eye isn’t on the prize.  When reaching your goals was consuming you, dessert didn’t sound as good, and hitting the gym didn’t sound so bad, did it?  In fact, making the right decisions was no longer a hassle, but it actually felt like a reward in and of itself. The world is full of temptation and messages that suggest a lack of success when it comes to accomplishing what you desire, but when you're laser-focused on your goals, you’re unstoppable, driven, and eager for results.  

So, we’re going back to the beginning and re-discovering what sparked that initial flame in the first place.  Was it the way you looked in the mirror one morning that got you motivated for fitness success in 2018? Or was it a comment someone made that gave you that, “I’ll show ‘em” attitude?  Maybe an old photo where you looked great and felt great made you want to reclaim your fitness and performance of the past?  Whatever trigger made you set your new years goals, revisit it now.  Then, revisit it later.  Revisit it again tomorrow – several times.  Drive the point back into your mind that those fitness goals are still yours, and that they have yet gone unclaimed.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself back in the gym, skipping desserts, and back on the wagon in full force.  Just keep your eye on the prize and remember how great it feels to truly be on track!