Meet Rebecca Beisner - PRO Compression Ambassador

Meet Rebecca Beisner - PRO Compression Ambassador

We’re excited for you to meet our many PRO Compression Ambassadors so you can get to know the amazing people associated with our brand. Today, we’d like you to meet Rebecca Beisner, a hardcore runner, mom, cyclist, and lifter from Oswego, Illinois.


PRO Compression Ambassador Rebecca Beisner @runbecca_run


What do you love most about running?

The way it can lift you up, body and soul. I love the way it makes you feel so powerful and in control, yet always seeking and striving for improvements.

If you could race only one distance, what would it be?
The marathon because I love the process and it's so humbling.

What is your favorite race?
Any race where my family is there. They cheer me on from more than one place on the course, every time. It fills my heart and also makes me cry like a baby, lol.

What are your future running goals?
A Boston qualifier someday, run a 50k and get under 20 min for a 5k.

Give us your favorite running tips.
80% of your runs should be easy. Period. Forget about times.

When you are a "beginning" runner, 70+ mile weeks aren't good in the long run, even if you can do it. 

 PRO Compression Ambassador Rebecca Beisner


Why did you want to become a PRO Compression ambassador?
Because from the day I started running, I had calf pain and immediately bought PC socks and have never run without them since. They have hugged and caressed my legs since day one.

How do PRO Compression socks help you?
They help with fatigue during runs and recovery after. During marathon training, I can usually be seen in PCs at any point during the day.

Everyone wants to know, what is your favorite PRO sock design?
Jailbreak (White & Black Marathon), because they go with everything and white and black is so fly. 

What are some of your upcoming races or events?
Run Revel – Big Cottonwood, Glenwood Canyon Shuffle, and possibly a Moab trail half marathon.

🏃🏻‍♂️ Follow Rebecca's running exploits on Instagram 


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