The Easiest and Best Way to Put on Your PRO Compression Socks

How to Put on Compression Socks the Right Way

Compression socks offer incredible benefits to everyone from athletes to laborers. The only problem is they are notoriously difficult to put on properly. Especially for those who are unfamiliar with compression socks, it can be hard to tell if you’ve found the right amount of compression.

We’re here to give you all the answers you need when it comes to true graduated compression socks. We’re covering all of it, from how to find the right pair to how to put them on properly. Read more to learn exactly how to get the most out of your new PRO Compression socks.

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks keep your muscles healthy and high-performing. When you are on your feet, gravity makes it more difficult for your blood to circulate properly. This problem is especially bad for people who spend all day on their feet working, get their heart pumping faster during intense training sessions, or out for a brisk walk. Your feet and ankles can experience swelling, pain, and soreness without the help of compression socks.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Socks?

Compression socks offer a wide range of benefits from pain management to stability. PRO Compression’s Graduated Compression design helps promote blood flow to and from your muscles. Increased blood flow helps prevent soreness and fatigue in your muscles on even the most intense training day.

Compression socks also put the right amount of pressure on the right areas to keep you feeling stable and supported throughout your day. Whether you’re taking on an 18-hour day or walking 18 gorgeous holes on the golf course, compression socks can help your muscles perform their very best. 

Why Are Compression Socks So Snug?

To increase your blood flow and improve your stability, compression socks have to be tighter than regular socks. The compression prevents blood from pooling at your feet and helps push it back towards your heart. Loose socks wouldn’t be able to give you the same benefits. If you purchase a pair of compression socks and notice they’re tighter than you’re used to, that’s ok. They are supposed to be like that. But if you notice an adverse reaction after wearing them a few times, consider buying the next size up. You should only feel refreshed and supported, not restricted from movement.

Consult the sizing chart on each product page while you’re browsing through PRO Compression’s line of compression socks. They’ll give you an idea of which size will give you the perfect amount of snugness. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our support team for assistance on selecting the right size for you.

What’s the Best Way to Put on Compression Socks?

Now you’ve ordered your new pair of compression socks. They arrive and you open the package, excited to try them on. You might notice that they’re a little more difficult to try on than a regular pair of socks. That tight compression that gives you so many physical benefits can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t know the correct way to slip on your compression socks. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for quickly putting on your socks and get to your day.

Pick Out Your Socks for The Day

Find your favorite pair. Make sure that the is sock not inside out. Easy enough for step one right?

Get Comfy on the Floor

You’re going to need a little extra leverage for pulling on your socks, so get in a good spot on the floor where you have some wiggle room. You may also want to find a comfortable chair to sit on or you can sit on the edge of your bed. Just give yourself enough space to move freely.

Put Your Arm In the Sock

This is where the process is different than regular socks. You want to put your arm all the way into your compression sock. Especially for over-the-calf compression socks, your arm will go all the way in until your palm is on the heel of the sock.

Pinch the Heel

Next, pinch the middle of the sock heel to your palm with your thumb (like you’re making a sock puppet).

Turn Sock Inside Out

Now, pull the top of your sock down your arm so that it turns inside out. Stop when you reach your thumb, which should still be holding the heel of the compression sock. This should give you easy access to put your foot inside the foot of the sock.

Roll Up Your Compression Sock

With your foot inside the bottom of the sock, you can start to roll the sleeve of your sock up towards your knee. Depending on the length of your legs, there will be extra fabric at the top of your sock. Don’t worry about that just yet. We’ll take care of that in the next step.

Smooth Bunches Directly Under Knee

If your compression socks are bunched instead of smooth against your leg, the Graduated Compression design won’t work exactly as it should. If there is any extra fabric left over, make a crisp fold directly under your knee. This will keep your compression socks securely in place as you move throughout your day without compromising any of the compression benefits.

Start Your Day

Finally, go about your day or your training session regularly! Your compression socks will do the rest of the work.

Putting On Your Compression Socks - A Video

To see a recap, or get a quick visual guide on how to put on compression socks, check out this short video! The same technique of rolling the sleeve can be used for all PRO Compression products. Whether you’re using a calf compression, arm compression sleeve or compression socks, the best way to get them on is to start at the bottom and roll up towards your heart.

We guarantee that you’ll get the hang of putting on compression socks by your second try. The benefits you’ll feel throughout the day and during your recovery period will be worth the extra time it takes to put them on. If you’re ready to purchase your first pair, check out our full line of over-the-calf compression socks. We release new colors every month so check back to see what new and exciting color combinations we come up with.

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