PRO Ambassador "50 Races in 50 States, by my 50th Birthday"

PRO Ambassador "50 Races in 50 States, by my 50th Birthday"

PRO Ambassador Pretty set very lofty goals for herself and is on pace to achieve them. One of her goals is to run 50 races in 50 states by age 50. She already checked 24 states off the list and we're confident Pretty has the drive to finish the rest!

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What do you love most about running?

The people. I love what running has brought into my life—all these amazing athletes, regular people, self-proclaimed “wannabe” runners. We just run. We are in the best shape of our lives, sharing stories, and sharing our meals (pre and post-run).

If you had to race one distance, what would it be?

13.1 – it’s the perfect distance to earn my French toast and mimosas.

What is your favorite race and why?

Big Sur 21 miles was my all-time favorite! It’s capped to 1000 runners and is more intimate than the marathon itself. Yoga at the start line with hot coffee and tea. For the first 5-6 miles it was just us—the few scattered runners, cows, skies, mountain, and after a quick turn—the fresh ocean air. It's truly God’s amazing canvas. 

Some vivid memories include "the big hill" (Hurricane Point), local Taiko drummers and the elite marathoners catching us (it was amazing to see how effortless they ran). And oh, strawberries served by the local residents.

I am lucky enough that Big Sur is in my “backyard” (5-hour drive from home).

Any goals you’d like to share with us?

I want to run either a half or a full in the 50 states (+ DC) before my 50th birthday (in 10 years). I have 24 done and am loving the journey and reasons to visit places I wouldn’t be if wasn’t for the marathons.

Why did you want to become a PRO Compression Ambassador?

I have worn PRO socks for almost 3 years now. I run about 900 miles a year and PRO socks have never failed. No injuries and fast recovery, and very stylish! I wanted to become a PRO Compression Ambassador because I am a living proof that a runner can look cute and run well with socks that have great support.

The question everyone wants to know: Favorite Pair of Compression Socks or Sleeves (yes, you have to choose JUST ONE)?

Mint Dots – it’s Tiffany color! I can never have too many Tiffany’s in my life.

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