PRO Ambassador Tiffanie: Small Goals for the Week; Bigger Goals for the Year

PRO Ambassador Tiffanie: Small Goals for the Week; Bigger Goals for the Year


PRO Ambassador Tiffanie calls the West Coast home, though she is a Texan! We caught up with her and quickly realized super passionate about running and we're happy to have her on our Team.

What do you love most about running?

If I am only allowed one answer, I would have to say that I love running because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I can set a goal for myself—maybe a distance to run or a race or a time—that I can work hard to achieve. I set small goals for the week and bigger goals for the year. It gives my runs a sense of purpose.

If you could race only one distance, what would it be?

I would race in the half marathon. I love the challenge of long distance, yet still have to incorporate speed. It is challenging, but I am not completely drained the rest of the day.

Do you have any favorite races?

I love the Star Wars races at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. The other runners are so excited to be there, everyone dresses up in Star Wars attire and you earn a Star Wars medal! There is something magical about running a Disney race.

PRO Compression Ambassador Tiffanie running

What goals are you focused on?

My current racing goal is to beat my 7-year old half marathon PR! My other racing goal is to finish the NYC marathon under 3:50. I know I can run that time, but I have never ran that race so I am not sure what to expect.

Why did you want to become a PRO Compression ambassador?

I wear Pro Compression socks all the time. I enjoy being able to plan my outfits, and make new ones, around my socks. I also enjoy the community of PRO runners. I love the energy and that everyone is so encouraging.

Everyone wants to know: What are your favorite PROs?

Without a doubt my favorite pair of socks are the red and black striped socks, commonly referred to as the Dark Side socks.

Follow Tiffanie on Instagram: @star_wars_runnah