What are Compression Arm Sleeves Used For?

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There are various different scenarios in which you may have heard of or seen compression arm sleeves. Perhaps it was at your gym, overheard of at the doctor’s office or maybe someone you know wears them daily. But what are compression arm sleeves used for exactly? What problems do they address? Here is your guide to how the specially designed garment works and the purpose of compression sleeves  

What are compression arm sleeves used for in a football context? Read on to find out.

What Do Arm Sleeves Do 

Before diving into the exact details of what are compression arm sleeves used for, let’s start with the main function of them, which is to increase blood circulation to the areas they surround. These sleeves are woven in a very methodical and scientific fashion that works to apply specific pressure and compression around the arm in order to promote optimal blood flow and circulation to and from the limb. Some secondary functions of compression arms sleeves include injury prevention, temperature regulation, protection and expediting muscle and joint recovery time. In the following situations, find out what are arm sleeves used for and how they specifically apply in certain contexts.     

Compression Arm Sleeves on the Basketball Court 

When it comes to sports that require a lot of upper body mobility, particularly in the arms, compression arm sleeves serve a wide array of purposes. What are compression arm sleeves used for on the basketball and tennis court, football and baseball field, or at the golf range, or during the next CrossFit class? Well, that’s quite the loaded question due to the fact that the purpose of compression arm sleeves ranges depending on the aspect of the training session or workout.  

Football compression arm sleeves or sleeves worn during a game of basketball, for example, can act as a preventative measure or additional support system. The sleeve works to compress arm muscles and elbow joints in such a way that helps to keep them aligned and moving in the proper range of motion. Additionally, if you’re working with sore or tired muscles, arm sleeves can provide an extra assist, both in the sense of boosting strength and at the same time providing your muscles with the oxygen-rich blood circulation they need to keep grinding.  

Arm sleeves can also help with treating pain caused by conditions like tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. This is because the compression design works to apply pressure to the source of the pain, and by increasing blood flow to that particular area, it can relieve tension and pressure in the tendons and reduce inflamed arm joints over time.   

What Are Compression Arm Sleeves Used for When It Comes to the Lymphatic System?  

A properly functioning lymphatic system is able to move along lymph fluid towards the neck and remove any debris, excess fluids, toxins, dead blood cells and general waste that may be floating in the blood along the way. Various medical conditions can cause the lymphatic system to not work at optimal condition, and when this happens, lymphedema, which is the swelling in arms and legs, can occur due to the fluid buildup within your body’s vascular and lymphatic system.

Compression arm sleeves can help encourage the lymphatic system to carry on without interruption thanks to their special design. By promoting the movement of blood in its intended path, toxins and energy-depleted blood cells can be discarded or refueled and these areas can then be replenished with oxygen-rich blood that carries the right nutrients and chemical compounds to tissues  

Compression Sleeves for Body Temperature Regulation and Protection 

How to choose compression arm sleeves based on body temperature

The positive result of better blood circulation is an increased ability to regulate body temperature. Compression arm sleeves, as well as calf sleeves, can play a particularly large role because they wrap around the ligaments that bear the most movement and weight at a constant rate. As you move, your body naturally will warm up and as a reaction to cool it down, you may begin to sweat. The great thing about compression sleeves is that they can help ensure that the optimal blood flow is happening that keeps your metabolic processes in check. So, when it’s cold, arm sleeves can act as a safeguard that carries blood to the limbs to warm them up and when it’s hot, the special synthetic fabric blend allowlimbs and the skin to breathe and sweat out the heat to cool the body down accordingly.  

In addition to temperature regulation, compression arm sleeves can also work to protect limbs from any outside abrasions that might occur. Think of it as an added shield of protection, like a layer of clothing or a shin guard, but thanks to its breathable fabric, your limbs stay just the right temperature while still benefitting from the barrier.  

PRO Compression Arm Sleeves that Serve a Purpose 

We answered the question of what are compression arm sleeves for, now it’s your turn to try them for yourself. See the various benefits they can bring in different facets of your life. Our collection of compression arm sleeves come in various compression levels depending on your needs. Shop PRO Compression and experience what the hype is all about.   

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