Arm Compression Sleeves for Lymphedema: Get the Relief you Need

Arm Compression Sleeves for Lymphedema: Get the Relief you Need


If you’re suffering from lymphedema, arm compression sleeves for lymphedema may be the solution for you. The special compression garment works to fight off symptoms caused by the medical condition and further provides support to affected limbs in order to increase your mobility. Find out more about what lymphedema is, why it is important to treat it and how compression sleeves work and can save the day.  

The lymphatic system is a complex circulation network that dictates the immune system and its reactions.

What is the Lymphatic System?  

The lymphatic system is the body’s network of organs and tissues that come together to remove toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from blood circulating within. Some key organs and tissues that are apart of this system include the tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus. Lymphatic vessels connect and meet at hundreds of lymph nodes within the body and these nodes work to catch debris, bacteria and foreign agents and send them to the right tissues and organs that filter them out of the body. Lymphatic fluid is what moves throughout this immune system and it contains white blood cells and various proteins that attack bacteria in the blood.  

What is Lymphedema?  

Lymphedema refers to a medical condition that happens when there is a buildup of lymphatic fluid within the bodies extremities such as the arms and legs. It is usually caused by lymph nodes that have been removed by certain surgeries such as cancer or by a parasitic infection. Without lymph nodes or properly function lymph nodes, lymphatic fluid may collect in certain areas without being drained or directed to the right tissues and organs that filter it.  

 Why is Lymphedema an Issue?  

There are multiple health complications that can arise due to lymphedema. When lymphatic fluid continues to accumulate in one area, it can become a place for bacteria to collect and may result in infection. At the same time, lymphedema may block oxygen-rich blood cells from flowing to tissues, which can prolong healing for wounded areas. Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling in any or all of the arms and legs, as well as fingers and toes. It can cause discomfort, recurring infections, a feeling of tightness, hardening of the skin and restrict your range of motion.  

Treating Lymphedema with Compression 

If you’re suffering from swelling caused by lymphedema, arm compression sleeves for lymphedema are a fitting treatment.]


A very popular and effective way of treating symptoms of lymphedema is through compression technology. Calf and arm compression sleeves for lymphedema are woven in such a way that works to increase general circulation in the impacted limbs. By doing this, lymphatic fluid is encouraged to go to the right tissues and organs to be filtered out of the body, instead of accumulating in one area. At the same time, compression arm sleeves reduce symptoms of inflammation and swelling in the arms because it is designed to bring more oxygen-rich blood into afflicted areas.   

How Graduated Compression Technology Goes Hand in Hand with Lymphedema  

Arm compression sleeves for lymphedema work thanks to graduated compression science. These special garments are made with a special blend of synthetic fabrics that have been woven in such a way that applies pressure against the skin to encourage optimal circulation. The graduated compression design is the key to the way compression works. Graduated compression technology refers to compression pressure that is designed to be higher in one area. This compression decreases gradually as it moves towards the heart. So, for example, in the case of arm compression sleeves for lymphedema, there will be a higher compression pressure around the wrist bone and as the fabric moves up the arm towards the shoulder, this compression decreases. With this design, lymphatic fluid that has accumulated is somewhat pushed to move away from the affected area while oxygen-rich blood is encouraged to move into the impacted area. This helps reduce swelling and ultimately increases overall mobility and comfort.  

Types of Arm Compression Sleeves for Lymphedema 

The severity of your lymphedema condition will dictate the type of arm compression sleeve that’s a fitting treatment. There are various different levels of compression pressure. For more subtle cases of lymphedema, a sleeve with a lower compression range should suffice and can range from 20 mm Hg – 40 mm Hg. More severe cases of lymphedema may call for a prescription-grade compression level of 40 mm Hg and up. Consult with your doctor to decide which compression level will meet your specific needs.  

Choosing an arm compression sleeve for lymphedema may also depend on the time of day you wear them. If you are active and moving throughout the day, compression arm sleeves can help keep the amount of swelling that may incur within control. During the night when you are sleeping, you may want to choose night-time compression sleeves for lymphedema treatment. This may mean sleeves that have a lower compression level.  

Let Pro Compression Help with Your Lymphedema  

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