How Compression Sleeves Can Help Alleviate Arm Pain

How Compression Sleeves Can Help Alleviate Arm Pain

There are many types of compression garments that work on different areas of the body to promote the most optimal blood flow. There are also many reasons why you might wear compression gear, from getting additional support and protection for your legs while you run or to speed up recovery from surgery, to alleviating arm pain for acute to chronic conditions. If you’re looking for the latter, you are in luck because you can wear compression sleeves for arm pain relief. But how exactly does improved circulation translate to more overall comfort? Find out the ins and outs to compression technology and how arm sleeves can help reduce pain. 

How PRO Compression Arm Sleeves Can Help Relieve Arm Pain


How Do Compression Sleeves Work  

If you are new to the concept of compression technology, you are in for a treat. A garment that has been designed using compression technology, or graduated compression technology, has been specifically built to provide the most optimal circulation to the areas of the body that need it the most. The area of concern depends on the activity or condition and the limb or body part that carries the most impact or is needed to carry out the function.   

Throwing a ball, for example, requires the muscles throughout the arm along with the elbow, shoulder and wrist joint to be involved. A compression sleeve for arm pain relief might be very relevant in this type of situation. Graduated compression technology works in this scenario by wrapping around the arm muscles and joints. A higher level of pressure, or compression, is placed on specific areas, like the elbow, and as the fabric moves towards the heart, this compression gradually decreases. With this kind of design, tired, deoxygenated blood and excess fluid buildup in certain areas is encouraged to move towards the right tissues and organs to be filtered and replenished with freshly oxygenated blood, and this oxygen-rich blood is then carried to the limbs. Without this graduated compression, poor circulation can cause numerous issues—one major issue being pain. 

Symptoms of Poor Circulation  

There are many symptoms of poor circulation. Some include extreme discomfort, swelling, immobility and decreased repair and recovery time—all of which can lead to pain. This pain can be significantly reduced with a compression sleeve for arm pain, leg pain—or any relevant body part. That’s because compression technology works to move blood cells to the right places for proper repair and recovery, as well as fuels the muscles and joints needed to keep moving. Sleeves can also help reduce inflammation by pushing excessive fluid away from affected areas and delivering the right minerals and blood cells needed to tend to the pain point 

What Kind of Pain Can Compression Treat?  

Compression sleeves for arm pain can treat various types of conditions. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort caused by elbow tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, arthritis, surgery, lymphedema or just general discomfort, compression technology works to reduce these symptoms. The bottom line is, when your arms are overworked or can’t function at max capacity due to pain, there is a problem. And compression sleeves for arm pain can be the solution. By improving circulation within the arms, you can gain much-needed support in times that matter the most. So, the next time you want to hit a few balls at the golf range or play flag football with your kids, throw on a pair of compression arm sleeves. They’ll not only help prevent painful symptoms from arising, they can help subdue the current pain you may be experiencing in those areas.  

Types of Compression Sleeves for Arm Pain  

Not all compression sleeves for arm pain are made alike. They can come in various lengths with different compression levels that can cater to your specific conditions. If you are experiencing shoulder pain from a past muscle tear, you can put on a compression arm sleeve that covers your shoulder to provide additional support for different activities and also brings constant comfort and increased blood circulation to that specific area to counter any movements that may cause irritation or swelling.  


Tennis Player Using PRO Compression Arm Sleeves

Choose an arm sleeve length that will be most fitting for you. If you have elbow pain only, a shorter compression sleeve for arm pain should suffice. It can cover mainly your elbow and the immediate surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons that support it.  

It’s also important to think about the varying compression levels that will be suitable for your condition. For chronic conditions like tendonitis or arthritis, you may want a lower level of compression in your compression sleeve for arm pain that you can wear throughout the day. This subtle compression will provide continual comfort without being overbearing or too restrictive in your everyday movements. For those who are recovering from arm surgery, you may require a higher degree of compression in order to counter the immediate impact surgery can have on the arm. Consult with your doctor to see what level of compression would be ideal for your recovery and rehabilitation.  

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*Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and not intended as medical advice

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